Fashion Friday: Skinny cargo pants for fall wardrobes

Fashion Friday: Skinny cargo pants for fall wardrobes

Most of us haven’t thought of wearing a pair of cargo pants since the 90s, but guess what? They’re back! Skinny cargos have become a staple in most fashion magazines and in many a closet throughout Hollywood. -1

Some might say that skinny cargos are an oxymoron.  Well, in a sense, yes they are! When we think of cargos, we think of bulk and oversized pockets, but the latest trend of the pant is everything but. The new skinny cargos have a sleeker silhouette, and the pockets sit to flatter to the body, which keeps them from adding extra bulk and width to the legs.

One of the best things about skinny cargo pants is that they are easily incorporated into your wardrobe. They work with baggy or tight tops, heels, flats, and boots. Pair them with a sweater, denim jacket or blazer. And the skinny cargo also looks flattering on all body types – it’s all about finding the right fit and style to work with your shape.

Two Skirts carries a variety of skinny cargos. Current Elliot’s cargos have been particularly popular. They come in army green, grey, navy and denim. We are also carrying skinny cargos by Joes, and Hudson.

Still have mixed feelings about this trend? We urge you to come in and try a on a pair, because  you just might end up walking out of the store with a new addition to your wardrobe!

—By Ashley Deppen of Two Skirts


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