Fashion Friday: Fluxus at Two Skirts

Fashion Friday: Fluxus at Two Skirts

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Image002 It’s back to the future as Telluride Inside…and Out’s Ashley Deppen of Two Skirts focuses on Fluxus.

Fluxus, the movement, emerged in New York in the 1960s, with the cultural revolution in full swing. Fluxus, which comes from the Latin for “flow,” encompassed a melange of Dada, Bauhaus and Zen, dance, painting, music and more. The movement centered on the actions and opinions of the artist, not his or her output, and presumed all artistic disciplines and media could be combined to create something greater (read edgier) than the sum of its parts.

Fluxus presaged avant-garde developments of the past 40 years. Yoko Ono was its best known artist. Fluxus has endured since the 1960s not so much as a movement, rather as a sensibility that fuses radical social attitudes with evolving aesthetic practices.

In deference to the legacy, Fluxus, the L.A.-based fashion house, represents a break from tradition,  encouraging self-expression through fashion. Fluxus’s avant-garde designs are created from simple, tactile materials such as jersey cotton, many enhanced with the company’s signature burn-out pattern. Fluxus fashions are all made in the USA in a vertically integrated operation based in L.A.

Two Skirts is a big supporter and fan. To learn what’s in store and how to wear it, click the “play” button and listen to Ashley’s Fashion Friday update.

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