Telluride Ski Resorts: Get in shape for skiing

Telluride Ski Resorts: Get in shape for skiing

743521302_QQv5L-M The Telluride Ski Resort, host of the LG FIS Snowboard World Cup (December 15-18, 2010), has teamed up with Tschana Breslin, Senior Physiologist in the High Performance Dept. of the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Association to offer tips and techniques to get in great shape for the upcoming winter season. Trainer to the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team, Breslin shares her workout plans and secrets that keep all our Olympic athletes in top competitive shape, yet are easy enough for all winter sports lovers to follow. 
1.  Increase Overall Aerobic Fitness
Both skiers and snowboarders benefit immensely from increasing overall aerobic activity to prepare for the season. Trail running and regular jogging, road and mountain biking, and cross training are favorites. Hiking up is a great activity, but hiking down is great for eccentric leg work, key for skiers and snowboarders.


2. Quad Dominant Workouts
Skiers and snowboarders need to keep the quads strong and resilient. All types and variations of lunges, squats, wall sits and step-ups help build quad strength to manage the toughest of terrain.
3. Hamstrings
Don’t forget the hamstrings. Skiing and Snowboarding are quad dominant sports, so it is very important to keep the hamstrings strong to prevent injury. Do extra hamstring exercises in order to decrease the over dominance of the quads. Keep hamstrings strong yet flexible through leg curls and straight leg dead lifts with weights in both hands.
4. Core
The core is essential in gaining and maintaining overall fitness and strength. An overall abs workout is important, but don’t forget the rest of your core. Back extensions, barbell rotations and stabilization techniques like the ‘plank’ build great core strength. Starting position: Lay on your stomach. Lift your body off the ground onto your elbows and toes. Contract your abdominals and relax your shoulders. Repeat. A favorite among yogis, Breslin recommends holding the ‘plank’ position from 30 seconds to 2 minutes per day.
5. Calves and Shins
Those first days on the slopes are tough on the calves and shins, so try these quick exercises to get them into shape. Calf raises – stand in an erect position and lift off floor with your toes. Do 2-3 sets of 20 reps. Or grab an exercise band, place one end around top of foot and one end around a bench. Flex 5- 10 times. This is called dorsiflexion, and will get calves and shins in super shape.
*Upper Body Strength – Although not a huge focus for winter sports, upper body strength is still essential to overall fitness. Breslin swears by both push ups and pull ups for intensified upper body strength. This push up/pull combination is one of her favorites for the U.S. Snowboard team athletes: Stand next to a pull up/chin up bar, jump up on the bar and do a pull up, jump down to the floor, lower into a push up position and do a push up. Repeat 5-10 times, as fast as you can without a break, and watch that heart rate elevate as well.

Get in the best shape of the season with Tschana Breslin’s workout, and don’t miss the LG FIS Snowboard World Cup in Telluride Dec. 15-18, 2010. For more information on the Telluride Ski resort, go to Stay tuned for more information on favorite nutrition ideas and eating well to prepare for this winter season.

Tschana Breslin photo by Scott Sine, courtesy of USSA

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