Telluride Inside… and Out, two years and counting

Telluride Inside… and Out, two years and counting

IMGP0588 Telluride Inside… and Out went online for the first time with a short teaser post from Susan on August 18, 2008. There were soon articles by our daughters, Kimm Viebrock and Kjerstin Klein, and a few by me.

In my notes from our early organization meetings I find a comment from the girls that we should consider posting at least "one or two" articles each week to keep the content fresh. The advice seems laughable in retrospect. I'm writing this post on August 16, and our count is 1523, over two stories for every day of TIO's existence!

We started with the goal of writing about Telluride, the people and events that make this place special, a bit about our own lives, and the places where these all intersect. Looking back over the past two years, I believe we have made good on those aims. See for yourself: everything we have done is still archived. Search by topic, person, author on Lijit search, or by date in the monthly breakdown.

The bulk of the writing load is carried by Susan, but we have intentionally included other voices: Cynthia Zehm's regular Friday Alacazem, Ted Hoff's dog training videos on Saturday, Ben Clark's dispatches from Nepal last Spring, Tracy Shaffer writing from Denver, and Deb Dion who began writing about outdoor activities in Telluride and will be a frequent contributor on whatever moves her. There are more: the whole idea is to show a big picture of what Telluride is about.

In summary, I look back with pride at what Telluride Inside… and Out has accomplished in two short years. I believe we have provided a unique view of our mountain valley and its inhabitants and visitors, its activities and lifestyle. Our readership is strongest in Colorado, but has spread throughout the US and Canada, and we now have readers on five continents. Not bad for a startup online publication from a tiny resort town with a reputation (ill-deserved in my opinion) for being difficult to get to.

What's next? Stay tuned…

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