under construction

under construction

I’ll let Susan spill the beans about just what it is that we’re building when she’s ready. In the meantime, I want to introduce myself briefly too as chief technical guru on this project  – at least till my skills are tapped out and it makes sense to get more help.

TrideskiingckmcAlthough my tenure living in Telluride is shortest of all the Viebrock clan (3 months during spring off-season in 1991), I was the first to visit  Clint (Dad) in 1986 when he’d first moved there. I’ve been taking my own family to Telluride ever since, enjoying as much as we can squeeze into each trip of what the town and the area have to offer.  Although being with family is always a huge draw, we never get enough of Telluride.  There is always something new to discover and old favorites to revisit so we keep coming back for more.

I’m sure many of you recognize Clint in the photo, even behind those cool shades. Grandson Matthew and I am with him just below Gorrono on our New Year’s 2008 trip. Son-in-law Michael (aka Tall Person) is behind the camera.

So what you’ll see beginning to evolve on the pages of this site is both an all-around family effort and a labor of love. We all hope you’ll enjoy what unfolds and will help us shape this project with your comments and feedback. 

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