How The Ah Haa School Has Mapped Out My Fall

by Lauren Metzger
Marketing & Exhibitions Manager
Ah Haa School for the Arts

IndianSummer_wilsonrange-386x0 Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. It brings to mind new clothes, crisp blank notebooks and an abundance of newly sharpened pencils. While school is part of my past (thank god) I am happy that the Ah Haa School for the Arts still supplies it's own fall adventures that allow me to grow creatively and not be graded on.

I know that when I go hiking and exploring in our amazing Telluride backyard, I bring my camera and try my damnedest to capture the scenes surrounding me. And I have to admit I fail miserably. This is not to say that my pictures don't capture the beauty but they sure don't capture the depth of the beauty and the majesty of the landscape. So, I am excited to say that National Geographic photographer Dave Edwards is back this fall to give me some tips in making a strong photograph. Capturing dynamic compositions, learning about light, subject content and artistic elements are sure to help me blow my friends and family away. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and if I can truly learn to capture where I live, I will hopefully leave people as speechless as I am taking the picture when they view the picture.

After I master photography I am excited to ride on Susie Billings coattails to New Mexico, the mecca of Southwestern art and culture. Leading an inspiring adventure to Georgia O'Keeffe's Ghost Ranch and the  landscapes that inspired her, Susie will guide us in exploring our artistic potential in only the way she can. Pulling from the life around her and infusing her artwork with the simple beauty she see's everywhere, Susie will help us capture our individual journeys conveying what we see, feel and are touched by during this 5-day workshop.Visit Telluride Inside… and Out next week for more on this amazing opportunity when I will be interview Susie Billings.

And finally, if you have not stopped by the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art, I highly recommend doing so. The work of Rebecca Crowell is being featured. Rebecca, who uses cold wax medium with oils, will be partnering with encaustic artist Shawna Moore to teach a three-day encaustic workshop in October. Discover the brilliant colors, evocative surfaces and just plain fun that comes when painting abstractly with wax.

So hopefully I have shared my excitement with you and that you join me in at least one of these incredible offerings. Fall into the Ah Haa!

(Image: Indian Summer, Wilson Range by Susie Billings)

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