Fashion Friday: Crying for Joie

Fashion Friday: Crying for Joie

[click “Play”, Kristin Holbrook talks about Joie T-shirts]

Image002 Kristin Holbrook of Telluride’s popular Two Skirts is crying for joy over Joie’s white T- shirt.

Once upon a time, white t-shirts came in a three- or six-pack for guys to wear under their regular shirts to guard against embarrassing stains. Super-sized, white Ts became a status symbol among urban youths and their tunnel-traveling counterparts in the burbs, a kind of fraternity uniform when paired with baggy, low slung jeans.

Years ago, white Ts also became a staple in women’s summer wardrobes, but this season’s version are updates in keeping with the minimalist chic trend.

For more on how to wear the look, click the “play” button and listen to Kristin’s interview.
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