Fashion Friday: Cashmere Ts for Spring/Summer

Fashion Friday: Cashmere Ts for Spring/Summer

[click “Play” to hear Kristin Holbrook talk about cashmere]

DSC00251 DSC00252 In Telluride, it is the quiet before the storm of summer activities, the perfect time for Spring cleaning, which includes swapping sweaters for t-shirts, cashmere for cotton – or maybe not.

According to Telluride Inside… and Out’s fashionista, Kristin Holbrook of Two Skirts, cashmere t-shirts, often a blend of cotton and cashmere combines a fashion classic – every woman should have at least one cashmere sweater in her wardrobe – with 21st century innovation.

Printed or solid? Short or long? To learn about the looks in cashmere ts and how to wear them day and night, click the “play” button and listen to Kristin’s podcast.
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