Fashion Friday: What to wear to Telluride AIDS Benefit Fashion Show

Fashion Friday: What to wear to Telluride AIDS Benefit Fashion Show

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DSC00177 DSC00186 It all boils down to cause and effect. The cause: a persistent virus that morphed into a pandemic after being announced worldwide in 1983. The effect: locally, the Telluride AIDS Benefit, a full frontal assault aimed at helping those living with HIV/AIDS and preventing the spread of the disease through outreach and education. The week of activities culminates with a fanTABulous fashion show Saturday night, February 27, at the Telluride Conference Center, a fundraiser for TAB’s six beneficiaries.  


Annually Telluride AIDS Benefit fashion show directors – this year it’s Scott Grossman, a Hollywood choreographer affectionately known as “Mr Pageant” for his years directing the Miss Universe and related pageants – have played the Can You Top This? game, creating unforgettable, often controversial, happenings, where theatre, dance, and fashion play aesthetic footsie. But the action off the catwalk is nearly as exciting: Telluride locals and guests dig deep into their closets to pull out all the stops.  

This week, in honor of the Telluride AIDS Benefit, Telluride Inside… and Out shifts its focus from global to local, with advice this week on Fashion Friday from Terryl Dahl of Two Skirts about what to wear to TAB’s glam slam.
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