Fashion Friday: Sequins On Ts

[click “Play”, Kristin Holbrook talks sequins]

IMG_3215 IMG_3216 Paul Simon wrote a song about a lady who wore diamonds on the soles of her shoes. Telluride Inside… and Out’s fashionista Kristin Holbrook of Two Skirts is talking sequins on T-shirts.

Mega stylish Brooklyn duo, Kristen Johnson and Andrea Lord seamlessly merged to create Son of John, a symbiotic women’s crossover contemporary designer collection that mixes downtown grunge and rock-n-roll glam with a touch of classic chic.

Son of John is also energy and budget conscious: Johnson and Lord use recycled cotton, along with silk and sequins to maintain a sustainable price point for their updated classics.

To learn more, click the “play” button and Kristin will tell you how to wear the look.

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