Fashion Friday: Fingerless gloves

Fashion Friday: Fingerless gloves

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FFH9-02 thumb-1 It’s a look favored in Telluride by any poor sap who has just wrecked his wrist on the mountain – sort of. This week’s topic for Fashion Friday from Telluride Inside… and Out’s fashionista, Kristin Holbrook of Two Skirts, is fingerless gloves.

Ah yes, we remember it well: The 1980s, the happy decade sandwiched between go-get ’em social activism and self-loathing grunge. That was also the era when lots of young girls turned to the Material Girl for fashion inspiration. On “Like A Virgin,” Madonna is wearing the quintessential 80s attire: a white wedding dress with white fingerless gloves.

Fast forward to the present, and another fashion icon (certainly in her own mind) Paris Hilton recently appeared on the “Ellen” show wearing a black and white ensemble that included Chanel fingerless gloves tricked out with rhinestones.

But will the look catch on with mainstream America? Why not, according to Kristin. Fingerless gloves are practical. Minus the bling, they allow moms to use their cell phones and wipe running noses.

For more, click Kristin’s podcast.
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