Fashion Friday: Tights for New Year’s Eve

Fashion Friday: Tights for New Year’s Eve

[click “Play” for Kristen Holbrook’s take on tights]

Home-1 What you are about to hear is not ground-breaking news – or is it? Telluride Inside…and Out’s fashion queen Kristin Holbrook of Two Skirts is talking tights for the holidays.Yes, we know, opaque tights have been big news on the fashion scene since fall/winter 2008 and before. And basic black is always a must. (Go plain with outfits you accessorize with elaborate bib necklaces and sparkling clutches.) But for a leg up on the rest of the traffic, try patterned or sparkly tights. Yes, tinsel is not just for trees.

To learn more about how to put it all together, click the “play” button and listen to Kristin’s podcast.

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