Fashion Friday: Boots That Rock For The Telluride Winter

[click “Play’ to hear Kristin Holbrook talk about boots]

Image TB_24098678_BLACK Telluride Inside… and Out’s fashion queen, Krisitin Holbrook of Two Skirts, feels your pain. You live in Telluride or someplace like Telluride, where a winter boot that is really and truly warm and weatherproof is a necessity- but you also want style. In climes like Telluride, however, where snow and ice and the grit to eliminate snow and ice are under foot all winter, stylish can’t mean tall heels or flat, slick soles. No thin leather either: not warm enough when you have to wade through unplowed powder on streets or in your driveway. So are there functional boots that are easy on the eyes?

Click the “play” button and listen to Kristin’s podcast for the answers about winter boots that really rock.

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