Fashion Friday: Step Into Fall Wearing Boots

[click “Play” to hear Kristin Holbrook’s take on boots]

IMG_0920IMG_0924 Let’s play a game of free association. We live in Telluride, so when we say “boot,” you probably say “ski.” Right? Not if you are Kristin Holbrook of Two Skirts. Telluride Inside and Out’s fashionista says, “Way cool.”

It’s Fall. Time to give shorts and tees, well, the boot. Among the season’s trends: great coats, slouchy sweaters, colorful scarves, and beautiful boots. We are not talking ski boots or clunky footwear with treads for snowy weather and icy streets. This season, flat boots are just as sexy and in vogue as high heel boots in suede, leather and crocodile.

(photo credits: Kristin Holbrook)

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