Gomez poster boy for Telluride Chamber Music Festival

Gomez poster boy for Telluride Chamber Music Festival

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TCMF Poster '09 Final Artist Bruce Gomez is the poster boy for the second year in a row for the Telluride Chamber Music Festival, this weekend, August 7 – August 8 and next weekend, August 14 – August 15.
On Thursday, August 13, patrons of the arts and the Chamber Music Festival can stop by Gomez’s local gallery, the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art, to view the original, a work entitled “Rudy’s Ingram Falls,” named in honor of the artist’s pal, Rudy Davison. The pastel will be sold at a silent auction following the concert of the series.

On Friday, August 14, 12 – 2 p.m. and Sunday, August 16, 10a.m. – 1 p.m., Gomez will be in the Great Room, at the Peaks Hotel, working at his easel, developing new paintings.

Gomez was among the very first artists Will and Hilary Thompson signed for their stable when they opened the brand new Telluride Gallery of Fine Art on Main Street in 1985.

Will Thompson first spotted the young talent at the Rhoda Reiss Gallery in Denver many years ago:  “Bruce was working in pastels and at the time, I was buying and selling original graphics exclusively,” explained Will, who remembers thinking, however, “This kid really has something.”

Over the years, the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art has featured some of the best pastel artists in the world, among them, Deborah Bays. Albert Handell, Ramon Kelly, Sally Strand, Carole Katchen, and Gomez, whose signature style puts him in a league of his own.

Gomez is a realist, but the abstract passages in his work –  parts of the sky, sections of mountains and water – are breathtakingly beautiful, with their layered, Abstract Expressionist feel.
The artist, an unapologetic sensualist, uses sandpaper on his cold-pressed watercolor paper to create a shimmering velour effect of canvas, a technique he invented.

Click the “play” button on his podcast to listen to Bruce talk about his life as an artist and the new work.

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