Telluride Museum: Davison leads hike to Mayflower Mine

Telluride Museum: Davison leads hike to Mayflower Mine

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4712006 The Telluride Historical Museum will host “Hike into History”, Saturday, August 7th” with local historian Rudy Davison guiding a free hike to the Mayflower Mine in Gray’s Basin.  The Mayflower Mine sits at 11,953 ft in Gray’s Basin, directly to the right of Ingram’s Peak looking up from Telluride.  The mine was founded by prospectors in the 1890s.  At one point a tramway was built into Gray’s Basin to transport the ore from the Mayflower Mine to below the tailings pile across from the Lone Tree Cemetery in Telluride.  It is said to have been the longest aerial tram built in the Telluride area.

Guide Rudy Davison splits his time between Telluride and Durango these days, and is currently part owner of Silver Star Property Management,, located on Colorado Avenue in Telluride.  From 1975 until 1981 he published the Telluride Times newspaper and afterward became part owner of Telluride Travel Connection. Davison was a long time member of the town planning and zoning committee and HARC, (Historic & Architectural Review Commission).

Hikers are asked to be at the Telluride Historical Museum at 7:30 am for the drive to Bridal Veil where the hike will begin.  This is a moderately difficult hike that will take about 1 1/2 hours each way.  The trail begins about 100 yards past the Bridal Veil power plant and soon travels off the beaten path with many of the subsequent trailheads not marked.  The views are spectacular and Rudy Davison plans to talk about the surrounding basins in sight as well as identify many of the breathtaking wildflowers along the way.  He will also answer questions about mining and the area in general. 

Once at the Mayflower Mine, hikers will be able to walk around the ruins and check out the depth of the tunnel, estimated to be around 150 ft deep.  Hikers will also review the remains of the old boarding house that was home to some 30 men when the mine was in it’s heyday.   The elevation gain is approximately 1,833 ft.  The weather may be cool in the shade and early morning so layering your clothing is suggested.  Hikers should wear sturdy shoes, bring plenty of water, sunscreen, a hat and rain gear.  Snacks or a lunch is also recommended.

For more information on the Telluride Historical Museum and their “Hike Into History” series, contact 970.728.3344 or log onto

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