Fashion Friday: The Real Dirt On White Jeans

[click “Play” to hear Kristin’s take on white jeans for Summer]

IMG_0587 IMG_0583 This week, Telluride Inside… and Out’s fashion expert Kristin Holbrook of Two Skirts spills the dirt on white jeans.

Once upon a time, denim jeans were the equivalent of pinstripe suits for bankers: what miners, loggers and cowpokes wore to work. But the earth moved in 1969, when chic geek Yves St. Laurent used denim in his ready-to-wear collection. St. Laurent begat Calvin Klein, Gloria Vanderbilt, and they begat grandchildren.

Today, fashionistas sport wardrobes of jeans, which, according to Kristin should include at least one pair in white, the “it” color of summer. Kristin describes white jeans as the perfect crisp counterpart to a silky romantic top, just right for outdoor cocktails.

For more, listen to Kristin Holbrook’s Fashion Friday podcast.

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