Fashion Friday: Plaids and gingham for summer

Fashion Friday: Plaids and gingham for summer

[click “Play” for Kristin’s take on plaids and ginghams for summer]

IMG_0665  Why? According to Telluride Inside and Out’s fashion expert Kristin Holbrook of Two Skirts, the answer is simple: the updated classics are fun and great with jeans.

IMG_0674  Worn alone, gingham might say “Mad Men” and retro 50s glamour. Plaid alone might be a nostalgic nod to farmers, very hip in light of the fact returning to the land has become a go-to career choice for many young people today and Carhartts, the new suit and tie. However, today’s plaids are not just for button-down shirts. There are dresses, swimsuits, and romantic tops., plus handbags, scarves, even shoes.

For who is doing what with ginghams and plaids and ways to wear the look, click the “play” button and listen to Kristin’s podcast.

(photography by Kristin Holbrook)

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