PortaJane makes a pit stop at the 2009 Telluride Jazz Festival

PortaJane makes a pit stop at the 2009 Telluride Jazz Festival

by Eileen Burns

Portajane_lrg Ladies, we all know that when it comes to portable bathrooms, yuck, we  really don't want to use them, but most of us have had to at one point or another.  And lets face it,  although we strive for equality, we are not fond of sharing facilities with men who might not be aiming at the same target we have our sights on.  Introducing PortaJane; it's pink, with a sink and it does not stink.   The brain child of Telluride resident, Chris Christian, PortaJane was created to give women a private experience in a  public setting.  Men and women don't share facilities anywhere else but at festivals and out door events, where private bathrooms are not available, and Christian thought it was time women were given the opportunity to choose an alternative.

Every PortaJane displays a large breast cancer ribbon embossed on the front door symbolizing PortaJane's support for the cause.  A portion of the proceeds from each PortaJane sale goes to the fight against breast cancer.  The ribbon, along with the pink and white color scheme, keep men at bay and women saying yeah. The door has a smiling and frowning face decal to indicate if the unit is occupied or unoccupied.  PortaJane's spacious entrance features a manicure- friendly door handle, which  is slender, yet easy to grip for any sized hand so you don't have to worry about polish chipping or nail breaking.  My favorite feature is the door mounted hover bar…no  more worrying about touching body parts on toilet seats.   And the roomy, pink interior and curvaceous hourglass-shaped back wall ,give a feminine feel, so you know this is no John's john.  Also inside, is the a hands-free, recirculating flush toilet which is conveniently foot-operated.   Other key features include the door mounted mirror, which is always handy for re-applying lip-gloss and touching up hair and makeup.   There's even a coat and backpack hanger and vanity shelf for holding drinks, cell phones, purses, etc.  To complete the female friendly experience, there is a hygienic hands-free water flowing sink (optional)  which is also foot operated and comes with an overhead soap and towel dispensers .  And for late night deposits, there is a solar powered light that illuminates PortaJane :)  All that was missing was the pink toilet paper, but I hear there is a deal in the making for that as well.

If you're going PINK, you're going GREEN! PortaJane is made out of 100% recyclable plastic!  To sign a petition to get PortaJane at your next event or to find out more about PortaJane, go to www.portajane.com

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Camera: Dennis Lankes

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