Fashion Friday: Kristin Holbrook

Fashion Friday: Kristin Holbrook

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IMG_1550 Who needs Andre Leon Talley when Telluride has Kristin Holbrook, fashionista/co-owner of local fashion emporium Two Skirts?

Kristin is a New Jersey native and graduate of the University of Virginia in English and Art History. After college, she spent three years teaching skiing in Vail, where she met her future husband Kevin, a broker at Peaks Realty. A year later, she moved to town. Within two years, in 2001, Kristin and Joanne Corzine had opened their store on Main Street, 127 West Colorado Avenue.

Two Skirts features fashion classics and the latest and greatest from New York – but only trends immune to altitude sickness.

Kristin will be posting a regular column for “Telluride Inside…and Out,” “Fashion Friday.”

Fashion Friday, first installment

IMG_1463 We think denim jeans are as all American as baseball and BBQ. Nope. Denim dates back to XVI Europe and “jeans,” derives from the word “Genoa,” the coarse cotton-wool or linen blend sailors from Genoa used in their pants. By the 18th century, jeans evolved to 100% cotton. By the late 19th century, weavers in America were making twills in the same fashion as the European denim, adapting the material to the more readily available and locally produced cotton fibers. Thanks to Levi Strauss, the modern term “jean” came to refer to pants made out of denim. By the 1950s, blue jeans carrying his label were sold nationally – only this season, designer jeans are coming on like the rainbow – leaving blue to define the zeitgeist.

Press the “play” button and listen to Kristin’ s podcast to hear more about summer and fashion denim.

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