Dr. Jeff Ptak goes skin deep

Dr. Jeff Ptak goes skin deep

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Picture 097_2 Dr. Jeff Ptak is the surgical dermatologist at the Telluride Medical Center. He is also aboard certified plastic surgeon (since 1989) with a private beauty business in town.

Nowadays with a sagging economy, real needs such as food and a roof over our heads may trump the need to fix a sagging face and/or body. Protecting the skin, the largest organ of the body and our first line of defense, however, may not  be a luxury. Living at altitude, we are particularly vulnerable.

In one podcast, Dr. Ptak talks about the science of skin and what he sees walking through the door of the Medical Center. In the second podcast, he address enhancement options. Press the "play" button to hear the doctor speak.

The interviews are part of an ongoing series.

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