End of Ski Season Parties Past

End of Ski Season Parties Past

Just as everyone has a "coming to Telluride" story, a lot of people have "end of ski season" stories in Telluride too.  Ralph Dinosaur and his crew performing at Gorrono Lodge were a prominent feature of "Kimm's 'coming to Telluride' story", introducing me to the notion that end of ski season could be something more than dragging (hopefully rented) skis over rocks, eking out the last bit of snow to be had.

Though notable, that first visit to Telluride was not my most memorable end of ski season. That would have to come the following year, in 1987, when my sister Kjerstin and I were both in Telluride with Clint. I have photos – of the two of them, of me in pearls, and of course of Ralph in drag. I've only just found the photographs and they're slides that have to be scanned in, but I want for people to start thinking about – and sharing (via comments):

What is your Telluride end of ski season story?

I promise to share some of those photos so watch throughout the day and into next week (I just wanted to get this out now so that it would be part of the morning feed). With the new snow last week extending the ski season, keep the comments rolling in – let's keep up the party, on the slopes, on the street, online, till the last lift stops running. 

Party on Wayne, er, Ralph!

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