Great Skiing, Bad Hair

Great Skiing, Bad Hair

Kimm1987 That April, 22 years ago, I hadn't yet moved away from Seattle. In fact, having taken a year between transitioning from flight school to University of Washington to work as a flight instructor, I wasn't quite finished with my degree in Atmospheric Sciences and I was desperate for the 'break' part of spring break.

KjerstinClint_1987 In a parallel story line, when my sister Kjerstin returned the previous summer from her time living Europe, I had told her how fantastic Telluride had been. In the fall, she heeded my advice to go visit our father, Clint, and she had never left.

And so, in the spring of 1987, we had ourselves a family reunion, the first (that can be said on my part with any reasonable certainty) in four years.

KimmClint1987Dad came back from one of his flights just in time for End of Ski Season and Kjerstin had the day off from work so we skied and partied like it was, well, end of ski season in Telluride.

ClintKjerstinGorronoCrowdEver since, enjoying family in Telluride has nearly always been part of my experience there. You can enjoy more vintage Telluride photos and bad 80's hair in the Telluride End of Ski Season 1987 Photo Album.

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