Telluride Medical Center’s FEAST: Capella

Telluride Medical Center’s FEAST: Capella

Capella Telluride's GM, John Volponi, donates to online auction for Med Center's FEAST. See Susan's videocast with John at the end of this article.

It really did take a village – in this case, Telluride's sister city, The Mountain Village, to get the job done. But with two visionaries – architect/developer Robert A. Levine, and hotelier Horst Schulze, former president of Ritz-Carlton – driving the train, plus a cast of thousands willing to do the grunt work, the Telluride region's newest hotel is likely to become its crown jewel. Capella opened triumphantly on February 12, 2009.

Aptly named for the alpha star of the constellation Auriga, Capella Telluride is a tour de force. The complex of 100 hotel rooms and about 50 condominiums should transform its new address from a launch pad for intermediate skiing and hang-out for the Prada brigade into a go-to spot for food, drink and events, even for townies. The spa and the restaurants have the welcome mat out for the entire community.

The man in charge of the fun and games is the charming new general manager John Volponi. He explains why Capella will succeed in drawing traffic:

"We don't dictate to our guests. Our guests tell us what they want, and when they want it, and our staff, trained with a sixth sense for service, will get it done. We also take pride in becoming part of any community in which Capella is located."

Actions speak louder than words: Telluride's Capella is jumping feet first into the region's philanthropy by donating big time to the online auction of the Telluride Medical Center's upcoming FEAST (Fund for Expanding and Supporting Telluride's Medical Center), offering a 3-night stay, breakfast and dinner for two at the Onyx restaurant, plus two 60-minute spa treatments, a perfect getaway for a loved one just because…

To learn more, watch John's videocast.       

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