TAB’s Alice Schoenau In Her Own Words

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IMG_1256 Alice Schoenau is one of about 50 designers whose creations will be seen on the runway of the Telluride Aids Benefit Fashion Show on February 28.

“Throughout my studies in the Fashion Design Department at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I explored the means and meanings of changeable clothing. While always searching for new ways to create garments that can be worn in numerous ways, there is still a concern for function in addition to style.”

This recent graduate has created a small clothing line showcasing multi-functional designs in natural and organic fibers.

Early accolades include: the Bebe Award for Innovation in Fashion Design, The Venu + TG Couture Award for Design Innovation and The Apparel Board of Illinois Annual “Chicago Is Red Hot” fashion show.

Her clothes are currently featured at Jane Doe/John Doe Boutique in Los Angeles, California – side by side with luminaries from “Project Runway.”

The name is pronounced “SHAY NOW.” Soon it will be on everyone’s lips – and hips.

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