Telluride Musicfest 2024, 6/26 – 7/7! Tickets Now on Sale!

Telluride Musicfest 2024, 6/26 – 7/7! Tickets Now on Sale!

Telluride MusicFest is a brilliant, beautiful series of sights and sounds that always elicits hosannas from a rapt crowd. Musicfest 2024 is again under the co-artistic direction of Kathryn Lockwood and Yousif Sheronick and hosted by Claire Beard’s Telluride Chamber Music in an ongoing collaboration. 

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Go here for much more about the history of Telluride Musicfest.

MusicFest Artists 2024


MusicFest 2024 “Summer Soirees@6″ kicks off June 26 and runs through July 7. Spanning 10 days, MusicFest is a celebration of world-class chamber music and innovative programming. Concerts (unless otherwise indicated) are held in a beautiful home of Anne & Vincent Mai, a restored barn with unparalleled views of Sunshine Mountain. Offering an intimate and unique experience, each concert is further enhanced by themed receptions and a chance to socialize with the musicians.

MusicFest started in 2003 and partnered with Telluride Chamber Music in 2022. MusicFest 2024 brings back favorite musicians from last year: co-Artistic Directors Kathryn Lockwood (viola) and Yousif Sheronick (percussion) of duoJalal; violinists Deborah Buck and Min-Young Kim; cellist Caroline Stinson; and pianist Orion Weiss.

MusicFest 2024 returns with eclectic and innovative programming. Plus, new this year, a chance to join a frame drum workshop run by world-renowned percussionist Yousif Sheronick!

duoJalal, Kathryn Lockwood & Yousif Sheronick, impresarios of Musicfest 2.0








Musicfest 2024, at a glance:

June 26, 5.30pm, “Frame Drum Workshop” at Telluride Arts HQ: (New for 2024!)

New for 2024 is a hands-on Frame Drum workshop with renowned percussionist Yousif Sheronick. The class takes place June 26, 5:30pm at Telluride Arts HQ. A workshop for all levels, participants will learn basic strokes and slowly build up rhythms using modern playing techniques which engage the mind, body and voice, utilizing an instrument that dates back 5000 years.

MusicFest also offers free events to inspire all members of the Telluride community.

Local Artists Night on Tuesday July 2 (free admission) is a celebration of musicians in our community. The concerts offers a chance for instrumentalists and vocalists of all levels and genres to share their music at this special event. Again at the home of Anne and Vincent Mai. Music lovers are encouraged to come and cheer performers along.

June 27, 5.30pm, “Family Concert” at the Telluride Library: (Free admission)

MusicFest takes an educational trip around the world for families at 5:30pm on June 27 at Wilkinson Public Library. (Free admission, all ages welcome.) duoJalal (Kathryn Lockwood & Yousif Sheronick) and special guest Claire Beard (flute) will present a musical trip to European Countries in a program that will excite and educate the young listener.

June 30, 6pm, “Fete de la Musique,”

A celebration of French music bringing the spirit of France’s annual festival “Fete de la Musique” to Telluride.The music of composers Debussy, Ravel, Poulenc, Franck and more is featured.

July 2, 6pm, “Local Artists Night”: (Free admission)

“Local Artists Night” is a celebration of musicians in the community from all levels and genres. Email to sign up as a performer!

July 5, 6pm, “Mother Country”:

Before July 4th there was the Mother Country! This program showcases pieces from Commonwealth countries including Canada, Australia and England. And perhaps a “spot of tea” to go along with these pieces!

July 7, 6pm, “Romani Reach”;

One of the most significant musical genres in Hungary is the traditional folk music of the Romani people. Composers like Dvorak, Brahms, Bartok and Ravel were all inspired and influenced by Romani sounds.

“Romani Reach” will bring together both Hungarian and Romani influenced pieces in a MusicFest finale not to be missed!

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