Telluride Arts: July Art Walk, Overview. (Most Shows Up Through the Month)

Telluride Arts: July Art Walk, Overview. (Most Shows Up Through the Month)

Due to the July 4th holiday, the July Art Walk takes place Tuesday, July 2nd, rather than the regularly scheduled first Thursday. Participating venues are open from 5-8pm and host receptions to introduce their new exhibits and artists, many of which are inspired by themes in the festival. 

Complimentary Gallery Guides, offering a self-guided tour, are available at participating venues or online at The guide can be used at any time to help navigate through galleries and venues that are open to the public most days. 

To learn more, go to

For more information about the Telluride art galleries and exhibition venues, visit: View more Telluride Arts District upcoming events here:

Go here for more on Telluride Arts’ Art Walk in general.

Go here for more about Slate Gray.

Venues Hosting Art Walk Receptions:  

Ah Haa School for the Arts
Baked in Telluride
BELLA Fine Goods
Between the Covers / Bruno Cafe
The Cabins at Mountain Village
Camp Bird
Citizen’s State Bank
The Disco
Elinoff & Co.
Forest Creatures
The Gordon Collection
Mixx Projects + Atelier
Only We Know What It Could Have Been
Second Chance Humane Society
Rinkevich Gallery
Slate Gray Gallery
Tellurado Studio
Telluride Arts HQ East
Telluride Arts HQ West
Woof! Telluride

Ah Haa School for the Arts:

Join Ah Haa School for the Arts to participate in a collaborative art project that will be on display in the HAHA Experience!

At this one-night-only, art-making extravaganza, visitors are invited to create felted elements for installation that Ah Haa’s Mini Makers Summer Camp will complete and install in time for its debut at the HAHA, July 19-21.

Be a part of the HAHA party! HAHA tickets are available for purchase during Art walk.


Atelier is artist Joanie Schwarz’s working studio and gallery space at 215 E Colorado Ave.

Schwarz’s artwork ranges from delicate 14k handmade gold jewelry to dreamscape merged photography of old-world Telluride.

All Schwarz’s work questions what connection means in a world where we need to belong, and how our sense of home is imperative to who we are.

Baked in Telluride

Baked in Telluride welcomes Leslie Ross Crane for her annual exhibition and newest collection of oil paintings, titled “High Country Colors.”

Sacred Valley High Lights & Shadows.


Lakeside Luster.


Last Light Luminescence

In addition to her love of natural settings, particularly in the Telluride region, Leslie’s fresh approach reflects her passion for life-long learning and discovery. She continues to learn from master oil painters and finds scenes to which we can all relate.

Leslie’s colorful paintings are always well received and Baked in Telluride is delighted to have her back for her 10th exhibition.

BELLA Fine Goods:

BELLA Fine Goods is pleased to present contemporary artist Susan Eddings Perez and the iconic Belgian jewelry brand, Celine Roelens.

The Sound of Silence.

Susan Eddings Perez is an award-winning interior designer and artist. Her work can be found internationally in corporate installations, as well as private residential collections. As an interior designer, Susan recognizes the impact large-scale art can have on a space and is passionate about working with clients to create custom pieces. While each piece is signed and titled on the back, a subtle plaster square is incorporated into her art and serves as her signature.

Celine Roelens is a Belgian jewelry designer and gemologist and the inspiration behind several popular collections including the unique GOLDBEETLE and ADELINE.

The metal artist also loves to create special custom pieces for her clients and specializes in extremely rare and intensely fiery colored stones.

Between the Covers / Bruno Cafe:

Between the Covers and Bruno Café are featuring artist Ben Ford, a native Nashvillian whose dynamic creations breathe life into the worlds of skateboarding and surf culture.

Wilson Memory


Day’s End

A Break on the Trail

New for summer, Bruno and Between the Covers is featuring Judy Buckley, a New Jersey-based artist who also spends time in Telluride.

Judy is known for her atmospheric landscapes using oils, watercolors, and gouache for plein air. She studied at the Art Students League and was an Art Director in New York. She has been teaching High School and adult classes in Princeton, New Jersey for the past 20 years.

Judy’s art is driven by her quest to evoke a feeling or mood of a moment, inviting the viewer to put themselves in the scene.

Judy believes painting allows her to honor the landscape by getting lost in the moment of mixing a beautiful color, using gestural brush strokes and just letting life pause. Focusing on the sky becomes a metaphor for life: the calm, the power, the uncertainty and all its possibilities.

Judy is happiest getting lost in the clouds over the Jersey Shore or in the mountains of Colorado.

The Cabins at Mountain Village:

These 11 private gondola cabins, transformed into public art and dining spaces, feature local and regional artists’ work in the heart of Mountain Village Plazas.

Camp Bird:

Camp Bird Hats is featuring “At Home with Ray,” luxury Americana neckwear.

Image, Abie Livesay Photography

Kris, the creator, is returning to her hometown, Telluride, and will join Camp Bird for Art Walk. She will be exhibiting archival pieces and samples that aren’t available online.

Camp Bird is thrilled to share its space with Kris!

Join Camp Bird to toast the summer in style and discover the art of hat-making and various ways to style scarves!


Crossbow is featuring and officially announcing the addition of the Custom Bolo Bar set up, located in their storefront at the Leather Bar.

The perfect formal attire accessories with a Western twist.

Join Crossbow’s team of incredibly talented craftswomen from 5-7pm to create your custom and personalized Bolo. You will have the opportunity to pick your bolo, your tips, and your leather cord.

Bolo’s start at $65.

The Disc/Disco Swell:

The Disco is a new pop-up custom hat bar and local art gallery hosted by Society Telluride.

Disco Swell’s millinery celebrates its roots– born on California’s coast and raised in Telluride – the company’s brand represents its own genre- unifying coastal and mountain culture with 1970s spirit.

Built for mountain, river and sea,  each hat is made by hand by using the tried-and-true traditional handcrafted methods, from hat blocks to sewing in leather sweatbands and sculpting the hat’s shape.

All pieces are made local in a limited, small batch approach.

This spring and summer, join the team at the Disco and support local art and artisans!

Featured art collaborations include mixed-media artist Brooke Einbender (Mindbender Art), carpenter Scott Keating, and photographer Alex Ferrari.

Elinoff & Co.:

Elinoff & Co. is featuring the artworks of Eugenio. Simply known as Eugenio, he is one of the most promising Peruvian artists working today.

Sprawling cities might seem boisterous to some, but for Eugenio a bustling city is a source of inspiration. Through a command of light and movement, Eugenio takes the ordinary trappings of urban settings—cityscapes depicting crowds of people shuffling through a brightly-lit street—and transforms them into something grander.

Forest Creatures:

Hanging sculptural mandalas by local artist, John Kirk Drogsvold now on display as public art in Mountain Village.

The Gordon Collection:

The Gordon Collection specializes in Native American jewelry, weavings and arts.

MiXX Atelier:

MiXX atelier presents a group show, “Today is the Greatest,” featuring work by Melissa Loop, Carolyn Haydu, and Luis Bivar.

Borrowed from the title of one of Loop’s featured works, “Today is the Greatest” is a celebration of joy and optimism, centered visually around lush palettes and imagery inspired by nature.

Loop’s painterly acrylics on canvas depict vibrant tableaus whose colorful idiosyncrasies make them feel somehow more, and not less real.

Employing his signature style of dense, maximalist collage work, Bivar crafts dream-like forests that, despite their inherent surreality, feel as though ta person could walk right into the scene.

And, in an art form all her own, Haydu cuts and collages hand-painted paper into richly textured, three-dimensional abstracts that conjure impressions of landscape and experiences of place.


Public art sculpture by Lisa and Robert Ferguson, comprised of over $1,000 pennies in Mountain Village’s Conference Center Plaza.

Only We Know What it Could Have Been:

Located at the Telluride Gondola Station, “Only We Know What it Could Have Been” is a new public art, mixed-media installation by local artists Brandon Berkel and Alex Ferrari.

Originally envisioned for Ah Haa School for the Arts and now supported by the Town of Mountain Village, this beautiful piece of public art depicts a year in a town tucked away in a box canyon.

Second Chance Humane Society:

Second Chance Humane Society’s newly remodeled SIT…STAY…SHOP! is Telluride’s Upscale Resale Emporium located at 335 West Colorado Avenue.

Second Chance Humane Society’s Sit, Stay, proudly exhibits custom-painted hats by Meghan and Elizabeth Petersen, a married artist team residing in Redvale, Colorado.


Passionate about artistic self-expression, fashion, and animal rescue, the duo has been collaboratively creating art for five years. The Petersen’s work is inspired by nature, nostalgia, and beloved pop culture icons from the millennial zeitgeist. Through their art, they aim to invoke joy and make heartfelt connections with their audience.

Elizabeth and Meghan began selling custom painted hats to raise money for their three special needs dogs’ medications and vet bills.

In addition to creating art, the Petersen’s enjoy exploring the world with their two teenagers and all of their four-legged rascals.

Rinkevich Gallery:

The Rinkevich Gallery is featuring the abstract painting of long-time local Margaret Rinkevich.

The Rinkevich Gallery is one of Mountain Village’s premier art venues and presents a unique selection of traditional, tribal sculpture along with small works, works on paper, jewelry, and scarves.

Slate Gray Gallery:

Slate Gray Gallery is featuring an exhibit by Rebecca Crowell titled “In Place,” and a jewelry trunk show by Dana Bronfman.

Rebecca Crowell is returning to Telluride for her second solo exhibition at Slate Gray. A recognized master of Cold wax medium, Rebecca continuously develops her practice by experimenting with new color compositions and meaningful mark-making.

The exhibition immediately follows the artist’s sold-out advanced Cold wax workshop at Telluride’s Ah Haa School for the Arts titled “Lines and Marks as Abstract Language.”

Additionally, Slate Gray Gallery has invited Dana Bronfman, a modern fine jewelry designer, to Telluride for a trunk show from Tuesday, July 2 – Saturday, July 6.

Dana is best known for being one of the leading American designers in responsible material sourcing and sustainability, working with fair-mined, 18 karat gold, recycled silver, and carefully-chosen gemstones from vintage and traceable origins.

Her quietly bold designs portray themes of light and shadow and reflect the singular uniqueness of each individual.

Tellurado Studio:

The Tellurado Studio is featuring the adventurous fine art of Markus Pierson.

Pierson explores a mythic narrative with his Coyote series, each piece symbolic of wanderlust and living beyond boundaries.

The protagonists of these hand-embellished prints are the Coyotes: enigmatic figures searching for the next big adventure.

Telluride Arts HQ East:

Telluride Arts HQ East is thrilled to present “Earth Versions” by Heather Romney.

Originally trained as a photographer, Heather has been painting since 2017. For this series, she has been exploring the geography of the former Lake Bonneville, a Late Pleistocene paleolake. The Great Salt Lake is a remnant, and the old shorelines can still be seen in the foothills of the Wasatch Front.

Heather travels the area using Google Earth, snipping photos of different element from the landscape. She creates collages from those screenshots, and paints the new images in oil. Although some views may seem familiar, the exact perspectives cannot be found in real life.

Google Earth maps the earth by airplane and satellite, taking millions of overlapping photos of the landscape and knitting them together using photogrammetry. At this point in time, the algorithm draws and completes geometric shapes with precision, but organic objects like trees often render as blobs and awkwardly pasted textures.

Heather is interested in capturing this moment in paint, before the technology improves and the 3D modeling of organic shapes becomes perfectly photorealistic.

Telluride Arts HQ West:

At Telluride Arts Gallery West, you are invited to enjoy new work by local Telluride artist, designer and mechanical engineer Jack Plantz, featuring his celebrated “Liquid Mountains” series alongside his Abiogenesis collection of generatively designed light fixtures, inspired by the growth patterns of coral reefs.

Mountains have always been a source of intense inspiration for Plantz. To a certain eye, they stand like an invitation, posing an irresistible challenge in the most blatant and unassuming terms. To stand on top, to descend steep couloirs, or simply to exist in their presence; an objective can always be found with sufficient wildness ripe for adventure.

With “Liquid Mountains,” Plantz presents his experiment with digital tools to create artworks that capture the feeling of being in the presence of some of the world’s most iconic peaks.

Woof! Telluride:

Home of Gondogola, WOOF! Telluride features photography by Mary Kenez and local painters who capture the spirit of Telluride and Southwest Colorado.


The gallery hosts unique and humorous creations that represent the ever-so-active, hippy-happy, and sometimes a bit quirky Telluride lifestyle.

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