Town of Telluride: Honoring the Past and Looking to the Future with New Visual Identity!

Town of Telluride: Honoring the Past and Looking to the Future with New Visual Identity!

Telluride honors the past and looks to the future with new visual identity.

Town unifies departments, projects, and initiatives with new logo, look, and feel.

The former logo may be seen on signage in and around the Town of Telluride in the coming months as crews work to update all materials, signage, decals, and more. For more information regarding the Town of Telluride’s branding, please visit

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To better unify town departments and functions, the Town of Telluride has launched a new visual identity, including a new logo and branding elements. The rebranding will enable the public to easily identify Town projects, initiatives, vehicles, and concerted efforts of all departments by introducing a synergistic, cohesive presence from the Town to the community.

The rebrand incorporates more than just a logo or a slogan; it is the 360-degree visual representation of the Town’s identity and reputation through fonts, color schemes, slogans, voice, messaging, and more. Additionally, it will fuse all departments to powerfully define the impact that the Town of Telluride, as a government and a team, has on the community through streets, housing, transparent communication, critical historic preservation, and more.

“Whether in the public or private sector, a strong and cohesive brand is crucial for establishing trust, credibility, and positive public perception,” said Town Manager Scott Robson. “Staff is charged with providing consistent outreach to the public, implementing regular community communications on key issues, and creating a multi-tiered public engagement strategy, all of which is best delivered with a consistent look and feel.”

The Town’s former logo relied heavily on typeface with some creative liberties taken with a handful of letters. The new logo simplifies the wordmark and utilizes a clean, modern symbol to depict the Ajax Mountain scape set into a capital T. The lower part of the letter represents the foreground of the Valley Floor. The font and symbol work together to honor the past while looking toward the future, as is the current direction of the Town of Telluride.

Through a discovery process initiated by Town Council in January 2023, staff identified nearly 15 logos used by various departments, commissions, and boards. The Town of Telluride’s Manager’s Office hired Monigle Branding, a nationally renowned agency based in Denver, and worked closely with all Town Department Heads to develop the final identity after dozens of iterations.

“The Town of Telluride is, first and foremost, committed to serving its residents,” said Communications Manager Lindsey Mills. “We hope this unification will further our goals of creating a stronger Town identity, unifying departments, increasing communication, and improving public engagement.”

Beginning this week, Town of Telluride residents and visitors can also utilize the Town’s new chatbot resources on the Town’s website to find the online resources they need quickly. Based on user engagement, staff will train the chatbot to address common questions over the coming months.


Nestled amidst the majestic San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado, Telluride’s captivating narrative is deeply rooted in the ancient legacy of the Ute tribe, the valley’s original inhabitants, who crafted their summer camps along the San Miguel River, naming the land “The Valley of Hanging Waterfalls.”

In the late 1700s, Spanish explorers traversed the rugged terrain, laying the groundwork for subsequent exploration and settlement. A fervent mining boom followed, igniting a rush of prospectors to the region, culminating in the founding of Telluride in 1880.

Telluride’s allure as a hub of opportunity attracted fortune seekers, bolstered by the arrival of the Rio Grande Southern Railroad and groundbreaking innovations like the hydroelectric power plant in Ames.

Set in a box canyon amid forested peaks at the base of the popular Telluride ski and golf resort, the town’s historic district houses landmarks like the Sheridan Opera House and the Telluride Historical Museum, while playing host to culture, music, arts, outdoor recreation, and festivals with unrivaled views and dramatic locale.

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