Telluride: Town Manager Scott Robson Announces Resignation Effective June 25!

Telluride: Town Manager Scott Robson Announces Resignation Effective June 25!

Telluride Town Manager Scott Robson announced his resignation, effective Tuesday, June 25.

Town Council schedules a special meeting for Wednesday, May 22, 9 am. Please visit the Town of Telluride meeting calendar at for the meeting agenda and participation information.

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The Town Manager of the Town of Telluride, Scott Robson, has formally announced his resignation from his appointed position. During an executive session today, Town Council met to discuss the next steps and formulate a plan for recruiting a new Town Manager.

After today’s executive session, Town Council announced a date for a Special Meeting, which will be open to the public, on Wednesday, May 22, at 9 am. During the public meeting and as required by state law, Council will establish a search committee, which in previous searches has been made up of the seven members of Town Council.

The search committee will consider a contract with recruiting firm Columbia Ltd. and determine the job search goals for the role of Town Manager. As state law requires, the search committee will consider all line items for recruitment, including job description, application deadlines, applicant requirements, selection procedures, and the appointment timeframe. Council will provide an update surrounding the search process during the Tuesday, June 4 regular meeting.

Robson will continue to serve as Town Manager through June 25, 2024. Based on feedback from Robson, Town Council and Town of Telluride staff are actively considering additional staff support in the Manager’s Office to achieve the accelerated goals and capital projects set forth by Council.

Over the last two years, Robson has assisted town staff in spearheading extensive projects across all departments. These efforts include pursuing affordable housing projects, planning and constructing five deed-restricted housing projects, overhauling the town’s public outreach strategy, and fostering more significant participation in local decision-making processes. He has also assisted staff in finalizing the Telluride Vision and Action Plan, Southwest Area Conceptual Plan, Short-Term Rental Study, and more while kicking off major capital projects, including the Telluride-Mountain Village Gondola Replacement, Telluride Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Redevelopment with Mountain Village, and, recently, the Chair 7/Carhenge Neighborhood Planning and Shandoka Lot L Redevelopment projects.

According to Mayor Teddy Errico, Town Council will lead a nationwide search for Telluride’s next town manager, targeting prospective candidates across multiple disciplines. For more information regarding next steps, the public is encouraged to attend the Special Meeting of Town Council on Wednesday, May 22, at 9 am.

Telluride, more:

Nestled amidst the majestic San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado, Telluride’s captivating narrative is deeply rooted in the ancient legacy of the Ute tribe, the valley’s original inhabitants, who crafted their summer camps along the San Miguel River, naming the land “The Valley of Hanging Waterfalls.”

In the late 1700s, Spanish explorers traversed the rugged terrain, laying the groundwork for subsequent exploration and settlement. A fervent mining boom followed, igniting a rush of prospectors to the region, culminating in the founding of Telluride in 1880.

Telluride’s allure as a hub of opportunity attracted fortune seekers, bolstered by the arrival of the Rio Grande Southern Railroad and groundbreaking innovations like the hydroelectric power plant in Ames.

Set in a box canyon amid forested peaks at the base of the popular Telluride ski-and-golf resort, the town’s historic district houses landmarks like the Sheridan Opera House and the Telluride Historical Museum while playing host to culture, music, arts, outdoor recreation, and festivals with unrivaled views and dramatic locale.

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