Telluride Garden Center: Opening 5/24 for summer growing season! Talking Soil, 5/31!

Telluride Garden Center: Opening 5/24 for summer growing season! Talking Soil, 5/31!

Allison Ramsay, owner of brand new Telluride Garden Center, announced she’ll be swinging open her greenhouse and garden shop doors over Memorial Day weekend, beginning on May 24th, just in time for the summer growing season.

The Telluride Garden Center is open Sunday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m; Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Location?  717 South Park Road in Ilium (on the commercial loop of the Ilium Valley Industrial Park).

Paonia Soil Co. will be at the Telluride Garden Center on Friday, May 31, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. to give a talk at 3:30 p.m.. The goal is to educate people about their brand of soil, which comes in various types designed for different purposes. Tests comparing their soil to others, prove the company uses unique composting methods with specific ingredients that set their product apart. 

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Allison Ramsey of the new Telluride Garden Center.

“We are very excited to open Telluride Garden Center and become a part of the business community in Telluride,” Ramsay said. “Our goal is to provide gardeners of all skill levels with the products and assistance they need to produce beautiful, vibrant, and healthy gardens. From colorful flowers to high-mountain adapted seeds, we’ll have everything you need to grow a sustainable garden in Telluride’s distinct environment.”

The Telluride Garden Center’s assortment of high-quality plants, flowers, seeds, soil, tools, and gardening supplies will be highlighted during the grand opening. The venue will also host talks over the summer to help educate customers on the many benefits of using Western Slope-targeted products.

“We’re in the planning phase, but you can expect over 20 native varieties of one-gallon perennials (with additional color variations); 10 types of uniquely crafted hanging baskets in sizes ranging from 10 inches to 18 inches; premade potted planters; flats of colorful annual flowers; as well as some additional fun items such as strawberry hanging baskets, premade herb pans, and starter vegetables,” Ramsay added. “And of course, as the summer season progresses, we’ll keep adding more. We’ll also have gardening supplies for kids! We want to make sure we provide access to gardening for all ages.”

In terms of products, Ramsay emphasizes her desire to collaborate with other Western Slope providers. That includes stocking soil from the Paonia Soil Company, known for its “artisan-crafted, all-natural, and ‘true living’ organic potting soil.”

“We pride ourselves on sourcing the products we carry locally whenever possible, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality items tailored to the unique climate of Telluride,” Ramsay said. “We’ll be choosing products best suited to make gardening easy and fun! We want everyone to become successful gardeners, and we believe the best way to achieve that is by providing products that are well-suited for the Telluride region.”

The Telluride Garden Center will also carry seed from High Desert Seed + Garden and Southwest Seed, Western Slope businesses specifically targeting high elevation, drought and freeze tolerance, and short growing seasons:

“From spring planting to winterizing, flowers, tools, soil, and accessories, we trust you’ll find everything you need under our greenhouse roofs.”

In addition to Ramsay’s Ilium greenhouse and garden shop, the Telluride Garden Center’s online store also opens this summer.

“We understand the importance of convenience for our customers, which is why we’re excited to offer online ordering for select items,” Ramsay added. “We’ll start with hanging baskets in May, but plan to have Christmas trees and wreaths added for presale by the end of the summer season.”

Furthermore, Telluride Garden Center is pleased to provide local delivery services to customers who satisfy a minimum purchase quantity. This extra convenience guarantees that residents, landscapers, and property management companies have easy access to gardening supplies. Ramsay added that she is eager to gather feedback from the community over the summer months to fine-tune products and services to meet the needs and wants of her customers.


Telluride Garden Center provides gardening supplies locally for residents, landscapers, and property management companies alike, encouraging everyone to create some kind of garden. Situated in Telluride, Colorado, and established by Allison Ramsay, the Ilium location and online store offer a selection of seasonal gardening essentials tailored to foster vibrant outdoor environments within a distinctive mountain climate.

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