Camp V: Hosting “Camp Omega” with Jamie Wheal, 6/15 – 6/21!

Camp V: Hosting “Camp Omega” with Jamie Wheal, 6/15 – 6/21!

Glamping adventures can be found in nearly every corner of our Big Blue Marble – including just down the road a piece (about an hour away) from Telluride at CampV in Naturita. The place is redolent with history so it offers guests somethings old and somethings new – including the upcoming “Camp Omega,” an event hosted by Jamie Wheal’s Flow Genome Project (FGP).

Click here for upcoming schedule at Camp V, including “Camp Omega.”

“Camp Omega” is designed for those who are serious about training their bodies, brains, hearts and minds. The intensive promises to “level up every aspect of your neuropsychology and performance.”Spots for this magical mystery ride are limited, so sign up here now.

Go here for more about the Flow Genome Project.

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Jamie Wheal in action. Courtesy Flow Genome Project for “Camp Omega.”

“CampV is more than just a place to stay; it’s a space to inspire… both creators and guests. The concept of CampV was born from a desire to spark creativity, transform a community and utilize our talents to create an authentic experience and concept that can travel to other rural communities,” explains creators/founders Bruce + Jodie Wright, (One Architects), and Natalie Binder, luxury hospitality expert.

Case in point: “Camp Omega” at Camp V.

“I’ve been working for the Flow Genome Project (FGP) for the past year and a half, and this rad event/party we throw every year is coming to the Western Slope, June 15th-20th, 2024,” explains FGP’s Meghann McCormick.“Would love a good excuse to play music, do acro yoga, eat meals with you and sleep under the stars together for five memorable days and nights. FGP’s founder and executive director Jamie Wheal is a funny, brilliant, exceptionally interesting man who magnetizes super rad humans like you! If you’re feeling like you need connection, fun, something new and exciting infused into your life for a short week (just before Telluride Bluegrass), Camp Omega will be a really great way to spend your time.”

Images of CampV, the crazy beautiful setting of “Camp Omega,” courtesy Camp V:







“Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakens,” Carl Jung.

“Toggling back and forth between that is crazy-making, and because they’re both exponential, it’s near impossible to figure out exactly where we reside. It’s almost as if they’re sort of two arcs to life. E.B. White, ( author of) the children’s book, ‘Charlotte’s Web,’ has this beautiful quote: ‘I wake up in the morning, torn between savoring the world, and saving it and that can make it hard to plan my days. Then I realized that the savoring has to come first, because if I didn’t have a world to savor, then there would be nothing worth saving,’” adds Jamie Wheal.

Go with the flow?

Flow is defined as a state of mind that occurs when a person is wholly and completely immersed in an activity, when individuals are not tempted by distractions and time seems to pass with a yawn.

Or not…

What if “flow” is urban legend, apocryphal? Number 1 on Jamie Wheal’s “A Cheat Sheet for Our Collective Level Up”:

“There’s absolutely no such singular thing as ‘Flow.’ The more we study it, the more nebulous it is becoming (and that’s a good thing). Think of it more like a heat map or a probability field, defined by task, environment, genetics, and epigenetics.

“A potter is likely in a meaningfully different state (once we get fine grained about the neurophysiology) than a BASE jumper, or a Montessori kid stacking blocks. And that’s even cooler, and gives us more to learn.

“So don’t succumb to the Curse of Knowledge––stay curious friends!”

And so on…

Jamie teaches from a platform of all that glitters is not gold. Some of what is accepted as wisdom is simply iron pyrite or “Fool’s Gold.”

But then who is Jamie Wheal to smash sacred cows into hamburger?

For starters, as mentioned, Jamie is Executive Director of The Flow Genome Project (FGP), an international organization dedicated to the research and training of human performance. Jamie’s work lies at the nexus of his expeditionary education, wilderness medicine, and surf rescue, with over a decade of advising high-growth companies on strategy, execution, and leadership by bridging the gap between the extreme and the mainstream.

At his “Camp Omega,” Jamie & Co. will be exploring questions such as what does it mean to be a human in our world? Where have we come from? What is going on? What do we do now that life is on a high-fructose, corn syrup IV line?What are the building blocks of a conscious culture?

Again, according to Jamie: “More information is nothing without full integration.”

So the promise of the training is to become a “homegrown human” – or anyone who is fully alive, deeply committed, fearless, joyful, courageous, kind and steeped in the deep knowing of who we are and what is ours to do.

How to get there? Simply by learning how to harness our evolutionary drivers for peak states, healing and connection.

The intensive, which takes place June 15 – June 21(the summer solstice), includes activities such as daily movement; group singing, drums and rhythm training; breath work; “defragging” the nervous system; seminars; and more.

The following are images of some of the special guests, all courtesy of the FGP:

Jason Nemer: founder of the global movement of AcroYoga and a master healer, mover, and embodier. Courtesy Flow Genome Project.


Red Bull athlete and arguably one of the best extreme skiers of her generation (male or female!), Angel Collison, one of the special guests at Jamie Wheal’s Camp Omega at Camp V. Courtesy Flow Genome Project.


LVDY a Colorado-based musical duo who are of and from them thar’ hills, and will be leading our community in afternoon voice and rhythm classes at Camp Omega. Courtesy Flow Genome Project.

In short, by attending “Camp Omega,” we take a vow of obedience to awareness. We create Meaning 2.0 in our lives. Instead of “Flow,” we experience Ec-stasis. We step outside ourselves to find our true selves.

Jamie Wheal, more:

Jamie Wheal, whose upcoming Camp Omega at Camp V could be a game-changer for attendees.


Jamie Wheal speaks at the intersection of science and human potential to diverse audiences. His coaching ranges from Fortune 500 companies like Cisco, Google and Nike to the US Naval War College and Red Bull. Since founding the organization in 2011, the FGP has gone on to become a leading voice of evidence-based peak performance, counting award-winning academics, legendary professional athletes, special operations commanders, and Fortune 500 business leaders among the hundreds of thousands of people in that global community, including some of the world’s top scientists, athletes, and artists dedicated to mapping the genome of the peak-performance state.

Jamie Wheal is author of the global bestseller “Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work.”

His work and ideas have been covered in The New York Times, Financial Times, Wired, Entrepreneur, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Inc., and TED. He has spoken at Stanford University, MIT, the Harvard Club, Imperial College, Singularity University, the U.S. Naval War College and Special Operations Command, Sandhurst Royal Military Academy, the Bohemian Club, and the United Nations.

In his career in wilderness guiding, Jamie has rescued people from the Atlantic Ocean during a hurricane; taken the youngest group of Americans ever to Camp III on the North Face of Mount Everes; and taken CEOs into the Grand Canyon for a week of war-games. The Seattle Seahawks’ coaching staff has shared his leadership models during Super Bowl halftime and Navy SEAL instructors study “Stealing Fire” as required reading.

Jamie Wheal lives high in the Rocky Mountains in an off-grid cabin with his partner, Julie; two children, Lucas and Emma; and their golden retrievers, Aslan and Calliope. When not writing, he can be found mountain biking, kitesurfing, and backcountry skiing.

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