Town of Telluride: Off-Season Paving/Striping Operations to Commence Throughout Town! Starts 4/29!

Town of Telluride: Off-Season Paving/Striping Operations to Commence Throughout Town! Starts 4/29!

Off-season paving and striping operations to commence throughout Town of Telluride.

Expect intermittent no parking zones, lane, and road closures April 29 through May 11. Operations will adhere to the Town of Telluride’s noise ordinance for loud and heavy machinery from 8 am to 6 pm MST Monday through Friday and 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday.

For more information regarding paving operations including a map of current and upcoming projects, please visit For any questions surrounding the project, please email Project Manager and Town of Telluride Streets Supervisor Lynn White at

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The Town of Telluride will begin milling, patching, and street reconstruction operations on several streets throughout town starting Monday, April 29. Streets and intersections scheduled for maintenance include E Pandora Ave, E Columbia Ave, N Hemlock St, and W Colorado Ave. Intermittent lane and road closures will occur throughout the two weeks to allow milling and paving without limiting public access to town. Detours will be set up around operations to account for road and lane closures.

The milling schedule is presently planned as follows:

• Milling on E. Pandora Ave between N. Alder St. and N. Maple St. is scheduled for Monday, April 29. Parking is not permitted on April 29 and from May 2 through 7.

• Milling is scheduled, and parking is not permitted for the following sections on Monday, April 29, and Tuesday, April 30:

• N. Hemlock St. at E Colorado Ave.

• E. Columbia Ave. between Maple and Hemlock

• W. Colorado Ave. between Davis and Townsend

• W. Colorado Ave. will be excavated on Thursday, May 2; expect a shift in the traffic pattern.

Paving for all milled sections is expected to commence on Tuesday, May 7. An updated paving schedule will be provided in the coming days and can be found at

Parking lot and street striping operations are scheduled from Thursday, May 2, through Saturday, May 10.

The striping schedule is presently planned as follows:

• Thursday, May 2: North side of Shandoka Lot

• Friday, May 3: South side of Shandoka Lot

• Saturday, May 4: Lot B (Longwill/Entrada Lot)

• Thursday, May 2 through Saturday, May 10: Street striping

Dirt road maintenance will also take place on North Tomboy Road from N. Oak St. to the Stillwater entrance from Monday, April 29 through Wednesday, May 1.


Nestled amidst the majestic San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado, Telluride’s captivating narrative is deeply rooted in the ancient legacy of the Ute tribe, the valley’s original inhabitants, who crafted their summer camps along the San Miguel River, naming the land “The Valley of Hanging Waterfalls.”

In the late 1700s, Spanish explorers traversed the rugged terrain, laying the groundwork for subsequent exploration and settlement. A fervent mining boom followed, igniting a rush of prospectors to the region, culminating in the founding of Telluride in 1880.

Telluride’s allure as a hub of opportunity attracted fortune seekers, bolstered by the arrival of the Rio Grande Southern Railroad and groundbreaking innovations like the hydroelectric power plant in Ames.

Set in a box canyon amid forested peaks at the base of the popular Telluride ski and golf resort, the town’s historic district houses landmarks like the Sheridan Opera House and the Telluride Historical Museum, while playing host to culture, music, arts, outdoor recreation, and festivals with unrivaled views and dramatic locale.

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