Telluride Arts: March Art Walk (with most shows up through the month)!

Telluride Arts: March Art Walk (with most shows up through the month)!

Telluride Arts’ Art Walk takes place Thursday, March 7. Participating venues are open 5-8pm, hosting receptions to introduce new exhibits and artists. 

Complimentary gallery guides, offering a self-guided tour, are available at participating venues or online at Use it any time to help navigate through the venues which are open to the public most days. 

For more information about the Telluride art galleries and exhibition venues, visit: View more Telluride Arts District upcoming events here:

Go here for more about Slate Gray.

Go here for more about Art Walk in general.

Image, Molly Perrault of Telluride Arts.

Venues Hosting Art Walk Receptions:

Baked in Telluride
BELLA Fine Goods
Between the Covers / Bruno
The Cabins at Mountain Village
Camp Bird
Citizens State Bank
Elinoff & Co.
Forest Creatures
The Gordon Collection
La Cocina de Luz
Mixx Projects + Atelier
Rinkevich Gallery
Sit Stay Shop
Slate Gray Gallery
Tellurado Studio
Telluride Arts HQ East
Telluride Arts HQ West
Wilkinson Public Library
WOOF! Telluride

Ah Haa School for the Arts:

This March, Ah Haa School for the Arts presents graphic designer, educator, visual artist, and community organizer Kevin Yuen Kit Lo.

The artist’s ” Matter vs. Spirit” exhibition debuts a video-poem alongside a series of large-format typographic banners drawing from and remixing his extensive body of design work in support of social movements. The works engage with language as a material practice, using letterforms and (typo)graphic elements as visuals, and form both a deeply personal and radically political archive that embodies ongoing struggles for social justice.

Kevin Yuen Kit Lo is Assistant Professor of Communication Design and Visual Culture in the Department of Design and Computation Arts at Concordia University in Montreal. He works at the intersections of graphic design, cultural production, and social change.

Additionally, Ah Haa will showcase Telluride Aids Benefit’s Wearable Art Crowns and Collars collection. These one-of-a-kind pieces showcase the creativity, ingenuity and style of their designers. Scattered throughout the Silver Jack Building, the TAB 2024 wearable art collection encourages everyone to think outside the frame and find inspiration in alternative art forms. View the amazing works by 15 local and regional artists at Ah Haa through March 11th.


Atelier is artist Joanie Schwarz’s working studio and gallery space at 215 E Colorado Ave.

Schwarz’s artwork ranges from delicate, 14k handmade gold jewelry to dreamscape merged photography of old-world Telluride.

All of Schwarz’s work questions what connection means in a world where we need to belong, and how our sense of home is imperative to who we are.

Baked in Telluride:

This March, Baked in Telluride welcomes back local favorite, Morgan Pihl, award-winning professional photographer, and his spectacular ski photos! From wildlife images to snow-action sports,

Morgan makes photographs that can connect any viewer to the natural and sometimes unseen world. He captures the joy of fresh powder and the thrill of skiing the Telluride region’s awesome mountains.

Bella Fine Goods:

Join BELLA Fine Goods as the venue presents two talented artists, Jodie Lemke and Luisa Rosas.


Inspired by her deep love of animals, artist Jodie Lemke’s photographs include an array of motionless images that translate how wildlife survives in their natural habitat. Her work captures her passion and perseverance and evokes a sense of awe, wonder, and connection to nature.

Celebrated for her attention to detail and craftsmanship, Portuguese designer Luisa Rosas creates high-quality, fine jewelry pieces that are timeless and modern. Her vision for each collection is born from the symbiosis between the structured world of architecture and the seemingly impromptu world of Mother Nature.

Between the Covers/Bruno Cafe:

With guest curation by MiXX projects + atelier, this March, Bruno’s  Cowboy Coffee features artwork  by David Kammerzell and Rachel Paxton, two painters inspired by the lore and history of the American West.

This March, Between the Covers will also be featuring local and regional artists, Brooke Einbender, Bruce Gomez, and Josie George.

The Cabins at Mountain Village:

These 11 private gondolas cabins, transformed into public art and dining spaces, feature local and regional artists’ work in the heart of Mountain Village Plazas.

Citizen’s State Bank & Telluride Library:

Citizens State Bank and Wilkinson Public Library are featuring Ridgway-based artist, Kellie Day.

Kellie’s untamed spirit and connection with nature is reflected in her Colorado-inspired, mixed-media paintings.

With a background in fighting forest fires, surveying in Alaska with a chainsaw and grizzly bear rifle at her side, and mountain-climbing around the world, Kellie is passionate about sharing the freedom and energy of the wildness of Colorado with her viewers.

Often beginning with spray paint, or wild lines created with a paint syringe, Kellie captures the energy of the local mountains, animals and forests through collage and acrylic on large canvases. With pieces of Sufi poetry, old romance novels, handmade stamps and more, she elaborates on powerful scenes and brings them to life with textures and vibrant color palettes. Her paintings are always a treasure hunt, filled with unexpected elements.

Kellie’s artwork has been used by corporations such as Trader Joe’s, The North Face, Alpinist Magazine and Alpine Bank. Her work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Colorado. Kellie’s art can also be found in the permanent collections of corporate healthcare facilities and around the world in private homes.

Find her piece, “Illuminated,” on the front cover of the winter gallery guide!

Crossbow Leather:

This March, Crossbow Hat & Leather is offering a “Local Belt Night” featuring a team of talented craftswomen. 

The artists’ custom belts will start at $60 dollars and will be hand-crafted to fit by their artisans. Hardware will be included on the belt. Choose between gold, silver, or brass.

“Did you know we cut down each of our belt blanks from a whole side of leather? We use the bend of the cow which is the area along the spine for the strongest straps. The leather around the bend which is the neck, belly, and booty gets made into our smaller leather goods including coasters, catch-alls, and keychains.” – Crossbow Leather.

Add to your wardrobe and get a personalized belt made with love here in Telluride!

Elinoff & Co.:

Elinoff & Co. is featuring the art of Eugenio.

Simply known as Eugenio, he is one of the most promising Peruvian artists working today.

Sprawling cities might seem boisterous to some, but for Eugenio a bustling city is a source of inspiration. Through a command of light and movement, Eugenio takes the ordinary trappings of urban settings — cityscapes depicting crowds of people shuffling through a brightly-lit street — and transforms the scene into something grander.

Forest Creatures:

Hanging sculptural mandalas by local artist, John Kirk Drogsvold are now hanging as public art in Mountain Village.

The Gordon Collection:

The Gordon Collection specializes in Native American jewelry, weavings and arts. 

Cocina De Luz:

This March, La Cocina de Luz is featuring paintings by local artist Scott Harris.

MiXX Projects + Atelier:

This March, MiXX atelier presents “Opticks,” a group show featuring Marco Grassi Grama, Nikolaos Schizas, Sheila Giolitti, and Ingrid Matthews, with an opening night talk given by Christopher Beaver of Moon Bear Jewels.

Marco and Nikolaos play with saturated, explosive color palettes in figurative oil and abstract acrylics respectively.

Sheila and Ingrid bring a quieter, more meditative energy to the show: Sheila through her intricate, multi-layered resin creations; Ingrid through her concise, but impressively nuanced color palettes, abstractions deftly created in acrylic.

“Opticks” is a celebration of color and energy, conceptualized around Isaac Newton’s original “color wheel” (a circular illustration of the visual spectrum of light) and Christopher Beaver’s lecture on the chakra system and its utility for self-exploration.


Public art sculpture by Lisa and Robert Ferguson, comprised of over $1,000 in pennies in Mountain Village’s Conference Center Plaza.

Rinkevich Gallery:

Rinkevich Gallery is featuring the abstract painting of long-time local Margaret Rinkevich.

The Rinkevich Gallery is one of Mountain Village’s premier art venues, and also presents a unique selection of traditional, tribal sculpture along with small works, works on paper, jewelry, and scarves.

Second Chance’s SIT…STAY…SHOP!:

Second Chance Humane Society’s Sit, Stay, Shop! will exhibit pottery designed by Telluride local artist Mary Sama-Brown.

After retiring from Penske Automotive Group and later from Telluride real estate, Mary took a couple of ceramics classes at the Ah Haa School for the Arts and fell in love with pottery.

“I never stop learning in this medium,” she said.

Seems the possibilities of creating in ceramics are endless. And that’s what Mary loves about her craft.

Slate Gray Gallery:

Slate Gray’s March exhibition is titled “Peaks and Petals” and features the work of Nicole Finger and Kathryn Tatum.

The Earth Laughs

The show highlights how these two artists capture the essence of the mountains through entirely different painting techniques. Both will be in attendance for Art Walk.

Tellurado Studio:

The Tellurado Studio is featuring the adventurous fine art of Markus Pierson.

Pierson explores a mythic narrative in his Coyote series, each piece symbolic of wanderlust and living beyond boundaries.

The protagonists of these hand-embellished prints are the coyotes: enigmatic figures searching for the next big adventure.

Telluride Arts HQ Gallery East:

This March, Telluride Arts HQ East presents “Infinite Horizons: Impressions of the Colorado Plateau” by Joe Schafer, a mixed-media artist based in Durango, CO.

After a successful career as a custom painter, Joe discovered a latent talent for fine art painting by experimenting with various mediums and techniques he used to create unique faux finishes for high-end homes. Following an instinct to explore his creativity, Joe created his first landscape painting in 2018. Shortly after, he became a full-time fine artist.

Joe flexes into the skills he learned in the trades, often incorporating unconventional techniques and mediums like stains and dyes:

“Nature not only serves as an inspiration for the meaning of my works, but it also serves as a medium.”

Inspired by the vastness of the wild landscapes in his backyard of Southwest Colorado, Joe utilizes the elements to create the rich and unique textures that are his signature, for example freezing paints using winter temperatures or incorporating sand and soil into his mediums.

Telluride Arts HQ West:

This March, Telluride Arts HQ East presents “Ski Jackets,” by Shannon Foley Henn.

Shannon has led an eclectic life which includes organizing safaris, running a boutique hotel, and starting up the world’s leading rock ‘n roll cancer foundation. She has also organized adventure concerts on Everest base camp, Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu and Mount Fuji.

Shannon has always been enamored by Pop art and was encouraged to be creative in every aspect of life. She started honing in on drawing portraits in high school and went on to study business at Boston College – with a concentration in art.

Shannon’s most recent series, “Ski Jackets, a double entendre,” is a culmination of her years working with musicians in the rock ‘n roll industry. Her current home in the ski town of Winter Park, Colorado.

Shannon loves infusing a bit of rock n’ roll energy into the ski community through this quirky series.

WOOF! Telluride:

Home of Gondogola, WOOF! Telluride (formerly Kamruz Gallery) is not located at 134 E Colorado Ave.

WOOF! Telluride features photography by Mary Kenez and local painters who all capture the spirit of Telluride and Southwest Colorado.

The gallery enjoys hosting unique and humorous creations that represent the ever-so-active, hippy-happy, and sometimes quirky Telluride lifestyle.


Join Amy Schilling and Eunika Rogers at their new studio gallery!

Introducing WORKshop: for enhancement of self and space. Connect, collaborate, celebrate. Multidisciplinary artists whose foundations are nature which they explore in new art forms.

Eunika’s paintings are a collection of Colorado landscapes, figures, and portraits. She creates her art using foraged earth, mushrooms, flowers and local pigments, wax and wine.

Amy’s art explores images and objects, reimagined symbols, and myths from around the world. She creates her work using metals, stones, glass, natural pigments.

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