Town of Telluride: Inaugural Community Survey!

Town of Telluride: Inaugural Community Survey!

Town of Telluride launches inaugural community survey.

Bilingual survey to provide insight into the interests and needs of Town residents.

Surveys have been mailed to residents’ PO boxes and are available in both English and Spanish. To participate in the survey online instead of through the paper mailer,  please visit

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The Town of Telluride has launched its inaugural community survey of Town residents. The bilingual survey aims to provide Town staff with insight into the interests and needs of Town residents to help inform the direction of Town projects, services, and annual goals and objectives.

The Town has partnered with the National Research Center and Polco to administer the survey, which aligns with a national benchmarking survey, the National Community Survey (NCS), with the addition of custom survey research specific to Telluride. The survey covers topics such as quality of life, safety, community, health, communication, Town services, business, development, housing, and more.

“We are looking forward to hearing from the community and finding ways we can serve our residents even better,” said Deputy Town Manager Zoe Dohnal. “We hope that our residents can reflect on 2023 and provide insights into ways the Town succeeded and areas for improvement within the Town. The survey will ultimately aid staff and Town Council in understanding community perspectives that are representative, reliable, and ready to enact.”

All adults in each household 18 years of age or older are invited to complete the survey. Responses are completely confidential, and no identifying information will be shared.

The survey will close on Wednesday, April 3, and insights are expected to be presented to the public in May.

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