Teaching Leaders To Lead More Effectively, Christ Church, 2/10/24!

“Leading Performance: What Is It” is a program designed by the Telluride Choral Society‘s adult  artistic director, Hal Adler – who also happens to own and run Leadership Landing.

Leadership Landing is a company devoted to helping leaders awaken great leadership skills in themselves and in their organizations through executive coaching. Adler’s approach taps into real-time peer feedback and the power of mindfulness to help clients, mostly C-level, become more present, more deliberate, more grounded, and better able to connect their intentions with decisions and actions, resulting in a more engaged, self-motivated workplace.

Adler is conducting an unconventional leadership workshop on Saturday, February 10, 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. at Telluride’s Christ Church.

Go here for more about the Telluride Choral Society.

Hal Adler

The promise of the premise is simple: the dynamics between conductor and chorus at the Telluride Choral Society (TCS) can and will serve as an optimal paradigm for teaching important lessons about leadership.

Bottom line from Hal Adler, Adult Director, TCS – and CEO of Leadership Landing. He created the program scheduled for Saturday, February 10, 2024, 1 – 4 p.m., at Telluride’s Christ Church:

“I designed this program to be a bit of an antidote to traditional leadership or management training.

“We know exactly what the run-of-the-mill looks like.Someone in the front of the room articulates a set of skills leaders need to have. Something like ‘’transparent communication,’ ‘cultivating collaboration,’ and/or ‘setting a vision.’Those are, of course, helpful and important things to cover, but the vehicle of transformation from that mode of learning can be quite dry. The person in front of the room might further describe behaviors and specific actions that drive those outcomes and ask workshop participants to role play a bit.

“That is traditional way of imparting leadership skills, well, because it works. But it’s also expected, predictable and, frankly, a bit of a yawn. I built ‘Leading Performance: A Workshop for Leaders’ because I wads looking for a way to elucidate those foundational ideas in a more experiential and immersive way.”

Adler’s maintains that the TCS model overcomes one principal challenge leadership coaches like him face when training C-level executives: participants not being able to see what’s happening, live and in-action:

“By way of an open-rehearsal format, workshop participants – who by the way, will NOT be asked to sing – get to consider a premise like cultivating collaboration and witnessing a team collaborating as they take direction from the leader. Of course the analogy is not exactly 1:1. However the relationship between choir (team) and conductor (leader) does serve as a metaphor for all things leadership.”

To learn more about the workshop, check out the following email interview and further details in the poster (above).

TIO: What in your background qualifies you to coach leaders to lead effectively and efficiently? 

HA: I cut my teeth in the management consulting business as a consultant with the goal of supporting leaders to play a productive role in building trust and effectiveness within their teams. My employer at the time – now 20 years ago! – Great Place to Work Institute, is the San Francisco-based research and consulting firm that produces the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For every year under the banner of Fortune magazine.

After having the incredible opportunity to run the company as CEO, I left in 2008 to start my own venture, Leadership Landing.  For the last 15 years, Leadership Landing has worked with senior leaders and leadership teams around the world to better support their teams and organizations by, of course, helping them to better support themselves.

TIO: What is the mission statement of Leadership Landing?

HA: We believe that by supporting leaders to be more self-aware, they can be happier, more productive and more successful in their work and lives.

TIO: What should attendees expect to take away from the one-day training?

HA: This special training session should leave people saying things like “Wow, I never actually thought of it that way” and “That really leaves me thinking about how I’m managing others.” I am confident the session will leave leaders with fresh, enlivened and inspired perspective around what it means/doesn’t mean to lead.

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