Town Of Telluride: Hosting A Collective Envisioning Workshop, 2/5/24!

On February 5, 2024, the Town of Telluride will host a bilingual community workshop to gather valuable feedback from residents to enhance and improve local services. The workshop will provide an open forum for community members to learn about services provided by the Town, express their personal needs, and contribute ideas as to how services can be enhanced or expanded to better meet the diverse needs of Telluride residents.

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The Collective Envisioning workshop will take place Monday, February 5, 4 pm – 6 pm in the Wilkinson Public Library’s Program Room.

The event will consist of a speed-dating style exercise in which groups will rotate between Town department presentations with Spanish interpreters present at each table. Participants will learn more about the services provided and have an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback at each station.

The departments present will include the Manager’s Office, Parks & Recreation, Telluride Marshals, Public Works, Building & Planning, and Community Services.

“We value the input of our community members, and this initial workshop is an essential step in ensuring that our services are responsive to the needs and priorities of Telluride residents,” said Deputy Town Manager Zoe Dohnal. “Your perspectives will help shape the future of our town and guide us in making informed decisions that benefit our community as a whole.”

The workshop is part of the Town’s ongoing commitment to engaging with all members of the community to help shape the Town’s five-year action plan to address justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, ensuring that all services align with the evolving needs of residents. This plan will act as a guiding document for the Town’s commitment to embedding anti-racist principles and practices of JEDI in its organization and achieving the objectives set by the council.

Collective Envisioning workshops are expected to take place twice yearly and intend to continue the Town’s work towards improving services, addressing resident needs, and exploring opportunities for new or expanded services.

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