Telluride Arts Presents January Art Walk (Shows Up Through Month)!

Telluride Arts Presents January Art Walk (Shows Up Through Month)!

Telluride Arts’ Art Walk takes place Thursday, January 4. Participating venues are open 5-8pm, hosting receptions to introduce new exhibits and artists. 

Complimentary gallery guides, offering a self-guided tour, are available at participating venues or online at Use it any time to help navigate through the venues which are open to the public most days. 

For more information about the Telluride art galleries and exhibition venues, visit: View more Telluride Arts District upcoming events here:

Go here for more about Slate Gray.

Go here for more about Art Walk in general.

Venues Hosting Art Walk Receptions:

Ah Haa School for the Arts
BELLA Fine Goods
Between the Covers / Bruno
The Cabins at Mountain Village
Camp Bird
Citizens State Bank
Elinoff & Co.
Forest Creatures
The Gordon Collection
La Cocina de Luz
Mixx Projects + Atelier
Rinkevich Gallery
Slate Gray Gallery
Tellurado Studio
Telluride Arts HQ East
Telluride Arts HQ West
Wilkinson Public Library
WOOF! Telluride

Ah Haa School for the Arts:

Ah Haa School for the Arts is featuring “Fresh Work,” an exhibit showcasing the artistic bookbinding work of the 2023 American Academy of Bookbinding diploma graduates: Jennifer Büchi, Brenda K. Gallagher, Jodee Fenton and Camille Botelho. Their collective fine bookbindings show astounding craftsmanship, artistic interpretation of texts, creative use of materials and stunning physical execution of their artistic visions.

Founded in 1993, the American Academy of Bookbinding, a flagship program of Ah Haa School for the Arts, is an internationally known diploma oriented bookbinding school where students of all levels have the opportunity to be taught by some of the most experienced and highly regarded bookbinders and conservators in the world.

Join Ah Haa in the Daniel Tucker Gallery to view these fascinating works!


Atelier is artist Joanie Schwarz’s working studio and gallery space at 215 E Colorado Ave.

Schwarz’s artwork ranges from delicate, 14k handmade gold jewelry to dreamscape merged photography of old-world Telluride.

All of Schwarz’s work questions what connection means in a world where we need to belong, and how our sense of home is imperative to who we are.

Baked in Telluride:

Baked in Telluride features two Moab photographers who are ordinary people, doing extraordinary adventures.

Farland Fish walked with her dog from Moab to Taos this past September to celebrate her 70th birthday. Her photographs document the 30-day, 500 mile journey!

Michael Bilotta is a Moab-based Vet Technician who loves climbing, repelling, and photography. He has found incredible rock formations while exploring the Colorado River Basin and beyond!

Bella Fine Goods:

BELLA Fine Goods is pleased to showcase Rebecca Pashia and Annamaria Cammilli.

With a background in interior design, Rebecca understands color and balance. She strives to make meaningful art people will want to live and work alongside. Each painting is an original, with no available reproductions. Her landscapes and abstracts are timeless and collected nationwide.

Annamaria Cammilli, the jewelry designer behind the eponymous brand, draws inspiration from her hometown of Florence, Italy, known for its rich history of art and design.

Annamaria’s jewelry is a testament to the beauty and fluidity of the natural world, mimicking as it does the undulating shapes of the sand dunes and the waves of the sea.

Between the Covers/Bruno Cafe:

Between the Covers Bookstore is featuring local Telluride artist Judy Haas.

Judy has been a professional artist since 1985, showing her work nationally and internationally.

Inspired by the “Art of Rock” all of her dazzling posters are embellished with imported Swarovski crystals, diamond dust, and/or hand cut paper.

This January, with guest curation by MiXX projects + atelier, Bruno’s show “Cowboy Coffee” features artwork by David Kammerzell and Rachel Paxton, two painters inspired by the lore and history of the American West.

Denver-based Kammerzell references vintage photographs of real cowboys and actors from early Western films, creating second lives on canvas for lesser-known gunslingers and outlaws. Paired with vintage wallpaper patterns, surrealist visuals, and pop art palettes, Kammerzell’s subjects feel unstuck in time, straddling a dreamlike space between past and present.

Inspired by a cross-country road trip that took her to the expansive landscapes west of Colorado’s Front Range, Paxton’s work spotlights another bygone icon from the American West – the independent motels that thrived in the heyday of Route 66. Her paintings place these now-quiet institutions in graphic imaginary landscapes, elevating them beyond kitsch and breathing new life into spaces forgotten by time.

The Cabins at Mountain Village:

These 11 private gondolas cabins, transformed into public art and dining spaces, feature local and regional artists’ work in the heart of Mountain Village Plazas.

Camp Bird:

High-quality wearable art. Each custom hat is a unique collaboration between Kim Lake’s voice as a hat-maker and the client’s story as wearer.

This Art Walk, Kim will have her studio open to share how hats are made. She’ll be selling her new readymade collection and offering a limited number of custom hat gift certificates.

All Kim’s hats are made from the rawest form of the materials. The artist uses traditional hat-making techniques and machinery that dates back hundreds of years. In addition to custom hat offerings a capsule collection will be available for walk-in purchase each season.

Citizen’s State Bank & Telluride Library:

Citizens State Bank and Wilkinson Public Library are featuring Ridgway-based artist, Kellie Day.

Kellie’s untamed spirit and connection with nature is reflected in her Colorado-inspired, mixed-media paintings. With a background in fighting forest fires, surveying in Alaska with a chainsaw and grizzly bear rifle at her side, and mountain-climbing around the world, Kellie is passionate about sharing the freedom and energy of the wildness of Colorado with her viewers.

Often beginning with spray paint, or wild lines created with a paint syringe, Kellie captures the energy of the local mountains, animals and forests through collage and acrylic on large canvases. With pieces of Sufi poetry, old romance novels, handmade stamps and more, she elaborates on powerful scenes and brings them to life with textures and vibrant color palettes. Her paintings are always a treasure hunt, filled with unexpected elements.

Kellie’s artwork has been used by corporations such as Trader Joe’s, The North Face, Alpinist Magazine and Alpine Bank. Her work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Colorado. Kellie’s art can be found in the permanent collections of corporate healthcare facilities, and around the world in private collections.

Find her piece, “Illuminated,” on the front cover of the winter gallery guide!

Crossbow Leather:

Crossbow Leather is featuring local metalsmith Jill Rikkers.

With a degree in metalsmithing from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin where she studied in the late 1980’s, Jill moved to Colorado after graduation and still operates the studios on her property.

Designing and crafting handmade kitchen utensils, serveware, barware, and tableware since 1995, Jill continually creates new pieces and collections in steel, brass, copper, and bronze.

Her latest creations of sterling silver and copper hat bands are now on display at Crossbow.

Elinoff & Co.:

Elinoff & Co. is featuring the art of Eugenio.

Simply known as Eugenio, he is one of the most promising Peruvian artists working today.

Sprawling cities might seem boisterous to some, but for Eugenio a bustling city is a source of inspiration. Through a command of light and movement, Eugenio takes the ordinary trappings of urban settings — cityscapes depicting crowds of people shuffling through a brightly-lit street — and transforms the scene into something grander.

Forest Creatures:

Sculptural mandalas by local artist, John Kirk Drogsvold are now hanging as public art in Mountain Village.

The Gordon Collection:

The Gordon Collection specializes in Native American jewelry, weavings and arts. 

La Cocina De Luz:

La Cocina de Luz is hosting a group art show titledcalled “Flowers, Trees, and, Mountain,”n featuring 15 artists from around the Western Slope.

The exhibition is a compilation of paintings, photographs, drawings, and mixed media as each artist has interpreted the theme in their own unique way to provide an exciting array of talent and perspective.

Contributing artists include Daniel Kanow, John Richter, Jeff Channell, Mona Taylor, Brittany Miller. Joanna Kanow, Steve Green, MD, Sergio Gonzales, Lawrence Giles, Sofia Phelps, Lydia Hagan, Sue Gustafson, Michael Wyszynski, and Jennifer Rose.

MiXX Projects + Atelier:

While textile art and ceramics are finally starting to garner much-deserved respect and attention from gallerists, collectors, and museums, many craft traditions and decorative arts have long been excluded from the world of fine art. By no coincidence, these art forms have also historically been considered the purview of women, domestic “chores’ that just happen to produce visually beautiful end products.

For the January show, “Women’s Work,” MiXX projects + atelier is showcasing work from three women artists whose media and subject matter re-center traditionally feminine crafts as intellectually viable forms of fine art.

Printmaker and mixed-media artist Ouida Touchon’s garment series pays homage to the unsung heroines of the Wild West via embroidered reduction woodcut prints.

Collage artist and printmaker Julia Lucey synthesizes an art form all her own by meticulously cutting and rearranging multiple prints of her aquatint etchings into multicolored tableaus that are more than the sums of their parts.

Collage artist Brenda Bogart is known for her unique way of “painting with paper,” which she utilizes to impressively diverse ends, from capturing historical icons in portrait form to recreating classic American quilt patterns with found paper.


Public art sculpture by Lisa and Robert Ferguson, comprised of over $1,000 pennies in Mountain Village’s Conference Center Plaza.

Rinkevich Gallery:

Rinkevich Gallery is featuring the abstract painting of long-time local Margaret Rinkevich.

The Rinkevich Gallery is one of Mountain Village’s premier art venues, and also presents a unique selection of traditional, tribal sculpture along with small works, works on paper, jewelry, and scarves.

Second Chance’s SIT…STAY…SHOP!

Second Chance Humane Society’s Sit, Stay, Shop! Telluride’s upscale-resale emporium will be exhibiting multiple pieces of donated art.

Slate Gray Gallery:

Slate Gray Gallery is happy to present a new group exhibition titled “All the Good Stuff.” The show features the work of Colorado abstract artist Karen Scharer.

Karen will be present for the Art Walk opening and is excited to debut several new works in the gallery.

New work by local artist Judith Kohin and woodworker Christian Burchard are also on display.

Tellurado Studio:

The Tellurado Studio is featuring the adventurous fine art of Markus Pierson.

Pierson explores a mythic narrative in his Coyote series, each piece symbolic of wanderlust and living beyond boundaries.

The protagonists of these hand-embellished prints are the coyotes: enigmatic figures searching for the next big adventure.

Telluride Arts HQ Gallery East:

Telluride Arts HQ East is featuring Alyce Levy’s “Saturation,” part of their Winter Wonderland popup exhibition.

Alyce’s captivating artistry unfolds within the circumference of mesmerizing circles, where her creations not only reflect the inner cadence of her thoughts, but also echo the emotional climate and occurrences in the world that surrounds.

Alyce’s fascination with the whorls and tree rings found in wood slices became the foundation of her artistic expression. Each slice serves as a fresh canvas, narrating a new story through Alyce’s meticulous acrylic hand-painting, sealed with layers of epoxy resin.

Colors, in Alyce’s words, awaken her each morning with new combinations, ideas, and pigmented stories to tell.

Telluride Arts HQ West:

Telluride Arts HQ West is featuring Ridgway-based artist Henrik Haaland in the first comprehensive show of his graphic woodcuts.

Henrik brings years of printmaking, painting experience, and a startling vision of nuance and scale in his series of large-format, single-block woodcuts. His style has developed through the “marriage between the given and imposed.”

After accepting the dictates of organic pine wood grain patterns, the artist creates a series of imposed patterns through cuts and marks. The resulting image competes with the natural surface texture of the wood. His subject matter is about two worlds: the recognizable features of Colorado’s Cimarron Mountains, rural eastern Dutchess County, New York, and Western Connecticut his boyhood home as well as the more abstract world of patterns and marks.

Each woodcut is designed and drawn in reverse on large-scale, hand-crafted woodblock. In order to maintain the image’s texture, Henrik removes the softer pulp between the heavier wood grain. He enjoys the physicality of burnishing and hand-pulling the prints rather than using a press.

The process makes each numbered piece essentially a monoprint, since the act of hand-transferring the image results in a unique impression each time. The total effect is not only dramatic; it is singular, unique.

The series includes several woodcuts featuring the Telluride Area, including the San Juan and Cimarron Mountains.

WOOF! Telluride:

Home of Gondogola, WOOF! Telluride (formerly Kamruz Gallery) has a new location at 134 E Colorado Ave.

WOOF! Telluride features photography by Mary Kenez and local painters who capture the spirit of Telluride and Southwest Colorado. The gallery hosts unique and humorous creations that represent the ever-so-active, hippy-happy, and sometimesquirky Telluride lifestyle.


Join Amy Schilling and Eunika Rogers at their new studio gallery!

Introducing Workshop: for enhancement of self and space. Connect, collaborate, celebrate. Multidisciplinary artists whose foundations are nature which they explore in new art forms.

Eunika’s paintings are a collection of Colorado landscapes, figures, and portraits. She creates her art using foraged earth, mushrooms, flowers and local pigments, wax and wine.

Amy’s art explores images and objects, reimagined symbols, and myths from around the world. She creates her work using metals, stones, glass, natural pigments.

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