Telluride: Town Council Approves Increase of at Least 50% to Business License Fees!

Telluride: Town Council Approves Increase of at Least 50% to Business License Fees!

Town Council approves increase of at least 50% to business license fees.

Funds from business license fees to supplement license administration, marketing, open space, and capital improvement.

For any ques3ons regarding business license fees or upcoming renewals, please email Assistant Clerk Ashley Berard at

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Last Tuesday, Telluride Town Council approved an increase of at least 50 percent to the Town of Telluride business license fees. Council began an evaluation of non-short-term rental business license fees in September, as the Town had not adjusted fees since 1996.

Telluride has a business license code that mandates the licensing of persons doing business within Telluride town limits and Lawson Hill. Non-profits are exempt from the requirement. Business license fee revenue goes toward reasonable costs incurred in connection with the administration of business licensing, which is approximately six percent (6%). Of the remaining balance, 74 percent (74%) is used for marketing/tourism, five percent (5%) is deposited into the Open Space Fund, and the remaining fifteen percent (15%) into the Reserve Capital Improvement Fund.

The 2024 business license fee revenues are estimated at $710,000.

Business license fees for non-STR licenses are assessed by employee count. Telluride Municipal Code Section 6-1-20 allows the fees to be increased by resolution. The fee increase will go into effect during the 2024 business license renewal process, which is expected to begin on December 1, 2023. As such, renewals will be due on January 30, 2024, and late fees will not be assessed until February 1, 2024.

The new fee structure can be reviewed on the Town of Telluride website by visiting

Telluride, more:

A former Victorian mining town in southwest Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, Telluride was incorporated in 1977 as a home-rule municipality. Set in a box canyon amid forested peaks at the base of the popular Telluride ski-and-golf resort, the town’s historic district houses landmarks like the Sheridan Opera House, a performing-arts venue originally built in 1913, and the Telluride Historical Museum, which showcases local history in a converted hospital built in 1896.

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