Second Chance: The Season Of Gratitude, How Our Pets Are Thankful!

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We are fortunate to have the opportunity to help homeless pets every day. In this season of gratitude, we’re sharing stories of thanks from our current and former shelter pets. 

Kiki is thankful for being able to come back to Second Chance – again and again. She came to us originally as an owner surrender. Being a senior cat, she was not as adoptable as adorable kittens. She spent some time in foster care, came back to the shelter, was adopted, and lived happily in a home for about four months. Then, her person became ill, so she came back to Second Chance. She went foster-to-adopt twice but didn’t stay in those homes. Finally, several weeks ago, she was adopted. We are crossing our fingers that Kiki is in her forever home.

Aspen is thankful for our faith that her people were out there. She was a staff and volunteer favorite, but she has a few quirks. Primarily, she doesn’t get along with other female dogs. She also is an older girl who was showing signs of hip dysplasia. This meant she was surrendered, adopted, returned, and finally adopted after six months. Her new family loves her, reporting that she is happy and acts years younger than her actual age.

Styx was thankful for love, warmth, food, and safety before she crossed the rainbow bridge. She had a rough life in a cat colony in a Montrose neighborhood. The residents called her “AD” (for almost dead). Our shelter staff brought Styx to the shelter and got her medical attention. She was an older cat who suffered from many health issues. Two different vets gave us the same news. Her issues were not treatable. After giving Styx as much food as she wanted, the love that she craved, and fuzzy blankets to curl up in, we made the sad decision to humanely euthanize her. While that is never an easy decision, we are thankful that we can help pets like Styx with this final act of kindness.

Ambrose is thankful for the volunteers at our shelter. He is a young, energetic, smart boy who came in as an owner surrender. He spent several months working with our volunteer dog trainer, learning manners and commands. He was taken on adventures with some other long-time volunteers who also welcomed him into their home to give him a break from shelter life. These incredible people made a difference for Ambrose. He was adopted, and we’re sure he’s living a great life with the skills he learned at Second Chance.


Tofu is thankful for patience. He’s the longest-term resident of the Cat Castle and is welcome to stay as long as it takes to find his people. He came in with his siblings in February of last year. He was shy and frightened, but has since become confident and loving. We would be especially grateful if he was adopted with another of our long-term cats, Ellis, as they are best friends.

While the animals who come through our shelter can’t tell us they are thankful for our work, we see it in wagging tails, loud purrs, wiggling butts, and warm snuggles. And that makes even the most challenging days worth it.

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