Telluride Arts: October Art Walk, 10/5!

Telluride Arts’ Art Walk takes place Thursday, September 7. Participating venues are open 5-8pm, hosting receptions to introduce new exhibits and artists. 

Complimentary gallery guides, offering a self-guided tour, are available at participating venues or online at Use it any time to help navigate through the venues which are open to the public most days. 

For more information about the Telluride art galleries and exhibition venues, visit: View more Telluride Arts District upcoming events here:

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Venues Hosting Art Walk Receptions:

Ah Haa School for the Arts
Baked In Telluride
BELLA Fine Goods
Between the Covers / Bruno
Elinoff Gallery
The Gordon Collection
La Cocina de Luz
Mixx Projects + Atelier
Red Dirt Studio Gallery
Rinkevich Gallery
Slate Gray Gallery
Tellurado Studio
Telluride Arts HQ East
Telluride Arts HQ West
Tony Newlin Gallery
Wilkinson Public Library

Ah Haa School for the Arts:

Ah Haa School for the Arts proudly presents “A Class in Color.,” a collaborative exhibition of ceramics with guest instructor, Kyle Lee, and his students.

Kyle’s vibrant ceramics are paired with pieces created by students in his advanced Ah Haa class, “Clay, Color and Composition.” All pieces in this exhibition utilize the same finishing techniques Lee is famous for, such as hand painting, airbrushing and stenciled surface treatments. Each piece represents a unique interpretation of a similar process, connecting the whole. Class participants, Diane Atkinson, Mary Sama-Brown, Tara Carter, Michele Foote, Wendell Thompson and Sally Whitehead will be on display.

Kyle was born in White Plains, NY, and currently resides in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Kyle’s practice has included teaching over the years at Educational Alliance Art School and other institutions.

Kyle is a founding member of BKLYN CLAY and the first recipient of the BKLYN CLAY Residency.

He is currently partnered with West Elm, Chairsh and The Brooklyn Museum Store.

Baked In Telluride:

Baked In Telluride features the photography of local Jeff Channell.

Jeff has photographed Colorado’s high country since the early ’80s, including outstanding vistas and wildlife. Many photos are of areas seldom visited by humans, and some are views only he has seen in person.

Bella Fine Goods:

Bella Fine Goods presents an exquisite and lovingly curated fine art and fine jewelry collection that brings together the work of artists and designers from around the world.

For the October Art Walk, the venue is pleased to present Eric Jon (Contemporary Southwestern Art), and Celine Roelens (Fine Jewelry Collection from Belgium).

Known for his mixed-media art, Eric is a native Californian and descendent of the Cahuilla band of Indians. His art is a story, intending to communicate history and culture, per indigenous subject matter.

His work utilizes various mediums, including wood, metal, fabric, acrylic, and imagery from popular media sources. Recognized for his unique layering technique, Eric infuses numerology and ancient symbolism in his works, paying tribute to the higher power of every culture and the indigenous origins of his art.

Celine Roelens is a Belgian jewelry designer and gemologist and the inspiration behind several popular collections including the unique Goldbeetle. She also creates special custom pieces for her clients and specializes in extremely rare and intensely fiery-colored stones.

Between the Covers/Bruno Cafe:

This month, Bruno will be showing the work of local painter, Caroline Schnetzler.

Left-handed, right-brained. Caroline grew up in Chicago, but fell in love with Telluride the moment she arrived in town. Three months later, she was calling Telluride her home. And now, her muse.

Caroline started painting at age 15. The resulting love and passion for self-expression led her to pursue a degree, and now a career in the arts.

Having the inspiration and freedom to be whoever she wants to be on canvas is a gift Caroline is very honored to share with the world.


Founded by Telluride native Macy Pryor and close friend Rebecca Adams, Crossbow is a women-run business offering an experiential shopping experience featuring custom hats, handmade leather goods and beautiful works by other inspiring artisans.

In the new and lovely 101 W Colorado Ave space, guests will find an appreciation for crafted leather goods, and vintage and quality hats in a western style made with love.

Crossbow is open every day 10am-7pm.

Elinoff & Co.:

Elinoff & Co. is featuring the art of Eugenio.

Simply known as Eugenio, he is one of the most promising Peruvian artists working today.

Sprawling cities might seem boisterous to some, but for Eugenio a bustling city is a source of inspiration. Through a command of light and movement, Eugenio takes the ordinary trappings of urban settings — cityscapes depicting crowds of people shuffling through a brightly-lit street — and transforms the scene into something grander.

The Gordon Collection:

The Gordon Collection specializes in Native American jewelry, weavings and arts. 

La Cocina De Luz:

This October, La Cocina De Luz is featuring landscape photography: ‘Four Seasons of the San Juan Mountains” by Gary Ratcliff.

Gary is a landscape and wildlife photographer who takes pictures primarily in the San Juan mountains near Telluride, Ouray, and Silverton. His show at La Cocina will showcase the four seasons of the San Juan mountains including colorful wildflowers, golden aspen trees, and snow-covered peaks.

A resident of nearby Ridgway, Gary’s work has been featured on the cover of Telluride and San Juan Skyway magazines and received awards in local art shows.

He operates a gallery in Ridgway and personally frames and prints his images in a variety of sizes using a large-format printer.

For more information about his show and to see his work, visit his website at

MiXX Projects + Atelier:

For their September show, “Spaces/Places,” MiXX projects + Atelier is featuring work from Kristin Hart, Sheila Giolitti, Sylvie Adams, and Katie Heffelfinger. Across a variety of media, these four women explore ideas of space through landscape and abstraction.

Kristin’s landscape photographs go the extra mile to distill the feelings of their captured environments, edited with exaggerated colors and dreamlike auras that feel more real than imagined.

In ways both physical and psychic, Katie’s ethereal watercolors feature undulating, dotted lines of latex resist and hand-made paints speckled with crushed mica to portray the abstracted deserts of the Australian Outback.

Both Sylvie and Sheila approach ideas of space even more abstractly.

With an almost mathematical sensibility, the brushstrokes of Adams’ acrylic abstracts are carefully executed to feel as though they occupy 3D in an essentially 2D format.

Finally, Sheila’s mesmerizing, layered resin abstracts exist as self-sustaining, created environments, with each layer of resin and mark-making responding to and informing the layers preceding and following.

Red Dirt Studio Gallery:

Red Dirt Studio Gallery is featuring paintings from Eunika Rogers, a local painter who works in found clay, wine and pigments.

Rogers forages for her materials on hikes in the San Juan Mountains and Telluride and on travels throughout the USA and Europe. Her painting process combines physical and mental documentation using maps, technology and photographs. Her work includes figures, portraits, and nudes.

Rinkevich Gallery:

Rinkevich Gallery is featuring the abstract painting of long-time local Margaret Rinkevich.

The Rinkevich Gallery is one of Mountain Village’s premier art venues, and also presents a unique selection of traditional, tribal sculpture along with small works, works on paper, jewelry, and scarves.


Second Chance Humane Society’s newly remodeled SIT…STAY…SHOP! This month Telluride’s Upscale Resale Emporium will feature “Wood Carvings of the Wild West” by local artist and Telluride postmaster Roger DeLaney.

It’ll Come Back

Roger, as talented as he is humble, will exhibit his intricate wood-carvings in partnership with Second Chance Humane Society because he loves animals and supports Telluride’s local animal advocates.

Slate Gray Gallery:

This October, Slate Gray Gallery is featuring “Clay & Ink by artists Goedele Vanhille and Jonas Fahnestock.”

Two artists, one family.

Visit Slate Gray Gallery this fall to see “Clay & Ink: featuring the Belgian-born, Norwood-based mother and son.

The opening reception takes place during the final Telluride Art Walk of the season.

Tellurado Studio:

The Tellurado Studio is featuring the adventurous fine art of Markus Pierson.

Pierson explores a mythic narrative in his Coyote series, each piece symbolic of wanderlust and living beyond boundaries.

The protagonists of these hand-embellished prints are the coyotes: enigmatic figures searching for the next big adventure.

Telluride Arts HQ Gallery East:

This October, Telluride Arts HQ East is featuring works by John Sabraw and Nicky Nodjoumi in collaboration with the Original Thinkers Festival.

John was born in Lakenheath, England. An activist and environmentalist, his paintings, drawings and collaborative installations are produced in an eco-conscious manner, and the artist continually works toward a fully sustainable practice.

John collaborates with scientists on many project and one of his current collaborations involves creating paint and paintings from iron-oxide extracted in the process of remediating polluted streams.

John’s art is in numerous collections including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Honolulu, the Elmhurst Museum in Illinois, Emprise Bank, and Accenture Corp.

Nicky Nodjoumi’s large-scale oil paintings explore the legacies of personal and collective trauma, including the artist’s own experiences of the Islamic republic from which he was displaced, and ideas of memory and power that loom over present day Iran.

Frequently compared to Neo Rauch, Nicky paints flattened, translucent figures that make reference to Persian history, vulnerable or sexualized animals, and Western men inspired by news clippings.

The artist splices bodies onto one another to create a pastiche of history and evoke a sense of violence, while flattening the figures into a virtual space with abstract painterly backgrounds, locating the work in his imagination as much as a recognizable history.

Telluride Arts HQ Gallery West:

This October, Telluride Arts HQ West is featuring “Summer’s Almost Over,” an exhibit by Dave Pressler.

Known for his fun and humorous depictions of our world using robots and monsters, Dave Pressler has a unique ability to bring a level of humanity to the inhuman, imbuing each of his subjects with distinct, engaging personalities.

Now, with his first solo show in several years, Dave brings his robots to the forefront of the conversation. “Summer’s Almost Over” challenges viewers to put themselves in the place of the robot, who are, like many of us, feeling unsure of their place in a world threatened by the rise of new technology including artificial intelligence.

Dave is a multi-media artist, illustrator, animator, painter, sculptor, character designer and more. Over the past 25 years, he has developed and designed characters for many major companies, co-creating the Emmy nominated animated show “Robot And Monster” for Nickelodeon; and “Boss Baby Back In Business” for Dreamworks TV. He is currently co-executive producer on “The Rugrats” reboot for Nickelodeon.

In addition to his media projects, Dave is an accomplished painter and sculptor whose work shows in galleries all around the world.

Tony Newlin Gallery:

The Tony Newlin Gallery features the nature and wildlife photography of Tony Newlin.

This season the venue is excited to present Tony’s newest photographs captured this past spring in the Serengeti. From the power of male lions, to giraffes grazing in the morning fog, to a large herd of elephants with babies, these works capture the magical of pure wilderness experiences.

Wilkinson Public Library:

Telluride Arts is presenting a Wilkinson Public Library exhibition: “Seasons” by local artist, Gregory Deame.

Greg grew up in Massachusetts but has lived in Telluride for over 20 years. His first art class was taught by his sister in his parents’ basement.

Afterward, Greg learned to illustrate using technical pens while studying Landscape Architecture at the University of Massachusetts.

After moving to Colorado, Greg began to expand the way he would render the landscape using ink, watercolors, and acrylic paint.

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