Telluride Dance Collective: "Mass Movement," 10/5 & 10/6!

The Telluride Dance Collective (TDC) presents “Mass Movement.” Event takes place October 5 and October 6, 7 p.m. at Telluride’s Palm Theatre.

Tickets in advance: Adult $20 / Student $12; Tickets at door: Adult $25 / Student $15. Tickets online:

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“Mass Movement “is a collaboration between Palm Arts and TDC.

The focus of these annual performances is all about finding what moves you, whether you are on stage performing or participating as an audience member. “Mass Movement” has served as a catalyst and incubator for the growth of the dance community in Telluride. The theme of the 2023 evening of dance, sound and video installation is “Cycles.”

‘What we are excited about this year? Over time, ‘Mass Movement’ has continued to evolve. Last year we incorporated video installation into our performance on the Main Stage at The Palm. This year we are excited to introduce yet another new element to the program. We have been working with the theme ‘Cycles’ and have developed durational performances during which the audience will be able to experience different ‘cycles’ and move through different spaces in the Palm Arts complex before being seated in the theatre for an evening of dance,” explained Artistic Director Kelsey Trottier.

(All the images of the TDC below are courtesy of the TDC.)

TDC, staff:

Artistic Director – Kelsey Trottier
Sound Installation & Original Music- Travis Fisher
Lighting Designer – Kelli Fox
Video Installation – Scott Upshur

TDC cast list for “Mass Movement” 2023:

Jula Cieciuch
Erika Curry-Elrod
Ali Griswold
Courtney Groves
Mia Hattler
Erika Kae
Adrianna Lombardo
Caitly Mckillop
Madeline McNamara
Sophia McNamara
Dean Muggeo
Dakota Passero
Jade Rose
Crisanne Schworn
Katie Shewbridge
Tia Uphoff
Marion White Acuna
Molly Wickwire-Sante
Hep Witzel

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  1. The show was INCREDIBLE! Thank you!! Is there anyway you could share the playlist to the show??