Telluride Tourism Board: Grant Program Launched!

Telluride Tourism Board (TTB) launches grant program.

Initiative supports Town of Telluride nonprofits and businesses.

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Photo: Telluride Tourism Board/Ryan Bonneau.

The Telluride Tourism Board (TTB) has announced a new grant program created to support Telluride’s nonprofit organizations and business community, while contributing to the economic vitality of the Town. The program is an initiative generated through the TTB’s partnership with the Town of Telluride and aligns with collaborative goals and objectives.

The TTB will award nonprofits and/or businesses up to $5,000 for eligible projects that take place within the 2023 calendar year. Applicants will be considered if they incorporate one or more of the following initiatives into their grant proposal:

• Contribute to the economic vitality of the Town of Telluride
• Market a program, event or product for visitors and locals
• Destination stewardship and guest education programs
• Programs and projects that enhance the visitor experience

“We’re thrilled to offer this grant program to our community partners, and appreciate the support of the Town of Telluride,” said Telluride Tourism Board Executive Director Kiera Skinner. “We look forward to aiding projects that contribute to the economy, promote stewardship, and enhance the visitor and local experience.”

Examples of grant projects include guest services and training programs, marketing campaigns, matching funds for an existing grant application, events and programming, destination stewardship efforts, and beautification projects. Applicants that were awarded a 2023 CCAASE grant for the same project will not be considered.

Grant applications will open on June 1, and can be accessed through the TTB’s portal at Guidelines are currently posted on the portal, including application questions. The deadline for submittals is by 4 p.m. on June 16. Applications will be vetted through an internal compliance process to ensure eligibility, and then reviewed by a grant committee that will include staff from the Telluride Tourism Board, Town of Telluride and elected officials. Awards will be determined based off of a uniform scoring system. Status notification will occur by July 1, 2023.

The TTB has a total of $20,000 allocated to the grant project; therefore, a small pool of applicants will be selected.

“Due to the size and scale of this program, the TTB is hoping to make the process simple and streamlined for applicants,” added Skinner. “It’s important that the funds can be distributed immediately so that awardees can execute their projects in a timely manner and see the results of their great work.”

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