Telluride Arts: Tammi Brazee’s "Tame Your Marmots," Artist Talk + Book-Signing, 6/21!

Telluride Arts is featuring “Tame Your Marmots,” an exhibition by Ridgeway-based artist Tammi Brazee. An artist talk and book-signing is scheduled at Telluride Arts HQ West, (224 W Colorado Ave), on Wednesday, June 21st at 5pm. The event is FREE and open to the public, but with limited seating.

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Pat The Marmot


The Awakening


Marmot Control

While a hint of an accent reveals Maryland roots, Colorado has been Tammi Brazee’s home since 2011. Returning to college as a “late-bloomer,” she now holds two graduate degrees, one in environmental science and the other in visual art.

That unusual combination of interests has had a profound influence on Brazee’s work, keeping it suspended somewhere between recognizable reality and imaginary narrative.

The artist tends to investigate the human relationship with the natural world, with its creatures, with others, and with themselves. She makes social commentary sprinkled with humor, a nip of nonsense, a dash of self-deprecation, a pinch of bird-droppings, and a dose of deeper meaning.

Runs June 1-30, 2023.

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