Poets' Corner: Rosemerry For Mother's Day!

‘The greatest love is a mother’s; Then comes a dog’s, then comes a sweetheart’s,” Polish proverb.

Happy Mother’s Day Telluride – and beyond. We celebrate the holiday by sharing Word Woman Rosemerry Trommer‘s heart-wrenching, words, her pearls forming a mala, something to mediate on. Rosemerry clearly understands, learned the hard way, life does not come with a manual. But thankfully it does come with a mother.

Heart in My Hand, courtesy Rosemerry Trommer.

Calling My Mother on Mother’s Day

And though she is now late for church
and though she is still getting dressed
and though we had already said goodbye
and had nearly hung up,
my mother sits in her rocker
and gives me her full attention
as I cry. This, she says, is exactly
what Mother’s Day is for.
And part of me wants to let her go,
and part of me is so grateful
she stays with me, holding me
with her being. For though
there are no words that bring comfort,
her silence and presence do,
and though I am no longer
a little girl who can curl into her lap,
that’s what I do. I feel myself cradled
and fall all the way into her love
and it feels good to be a daughter
on this day when it’s not easy
to be a mother. It feels good
for a moment to not be the one
doing the holding. To not be the one
who is strong. To be the one
who nestles deeper in,
so deep
I can meet the unmeetable.

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