Best Friend Handbook: Poached Chicken Two Ways!

My friend Katherine Stuart writes a wonderful blog,”Best Friend Handbook,” everything from lifestyle and fashion tips to nutrition and recipes – including recipes for success in life – which she feels are ramped up by practicing gratitude every single day.

“Chicken… oh, how I love thee,” exclaims Katherine. “Honestly, I eat so much of my fine feather friend I sometimes worry I may start to cluck. That is why I’m always on the lookout for easy ways to change up my chicky game like poached chicken. It’s fast. It’s delicious. And the end result can be used in so many fun ways. I love poaching chicken SO much that I’ve included two different variations for your dining pleasure. Happy cooking!”

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Having spent way too many decades on some cockamamie diet or another, I have consumed more than my fair share of “healthy,” low-fat chicken. It was typically boiled, inevitably overcooked and about as pleasurable as eating sawdust. But here’s the thing. Low-fat chicken does not need to be gross. In fact, perfectly poached chicken is delicious. And healthy. And super versatile. This is why it’s quickly become one of my go-to recipes. I love it SO much that I’m giving you two different ways to poach your chicken. The first is Asian-inspired and comes from my latest cookbook obsession: “Dinner: Changing the Game” by Melissa Clark. The other is more basic with accents of lemon and thyme. Both pair beautifully with a salad or sautéed vegetables, rice or potatoes.

Pasture-Raised Chicken is Worth the Money

I have said this before, but it is worth repeating: Pasture-raised chicken is worth the money. Since there’s no fat in either recipe, the taste and texture of the chicken is truly front and center. Pasture-raised chicken is simply more tender and much tastier. The breasts are also smaller so they’ll cook in less time which means that you are much less likely to wind up with tough, rubbery meat. If you can’t get pasture raised, go for air chilled chicken that is free-range, or breasts that at least look as if they’ll fit in the palm of your hand.

A Note on Tamari…

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