Telluride Theatre: “Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings," 1/16, FREE Admission!

Telluride Theatre is partnering with the Center for International Theatre Development to take part in its Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings on Thursday, January 19, 5:30 p.m. at the Wilkinson Public Library.

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A number of short plays and monologues written by playwrights living through the war in Ukraine will be performed by Telluride Theatre ensemble members and directed by Mary Higgins. The shows will be read/performed by Pamela Sante, Dave MacMillan, James Van Hoser, Dustin Wells, Ursula Ostrander and Yana Pollard (who is also doing dramaturgy for the show).

⁠The evening will be filled with reflection, laughter and grief, as we listen to a small collection of stories penned by playwrights living through the war in Ukraine, reminding us of our collective humanity through art.⁠

Admission is free, but a hat will be passed to send funds to The Center for International Theatre Development’s Ukrainian Hope Initiative.⁠

When Russia invaded Ukraine in spring of 2022, the Center for International Theatre Development gave 23 Ukrainian playwrights $1,000 each to create new works that offer a first draft of living history. Since the project began, $250,000 in donations was raised for various Ukrainian organizations through the readings.

Ever since, the Ukrainian Hope Initiative has seen these works performed in 23 countries around the world at over 250 fundraising events.

“My mentor, Philip Arnoult’s company, The Center for International Theatre Development has been doing work all over the world,” said Telluride Theater Artistic Director Sasha Cucciniello. “He has done extensive work in Eastern Europe, upon graduating college I worked with him in Hungary and Russia. So, when the war started he and his team created this initiative to raise funds for theatre artists and playwrights affected. They contacted Telluride Theatre to join the effort by bringing a voice to these artists and helping raise money. We are honored to be a part of this worldwide effort.”

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