Telluride Arts Presents January 2023 Art Walk, 1/5! (Most shows up through the month)!

Telluride Arts Presents January 2023 Art Walk, 1/5! (Most shows up through the month)!

Telluride Arts’ Art Walk takes place Thursday, January 5. Participating venues are open from 5-8pm, hosting receptions to introduce new exhibits and artists. 

Complimentary gallery guides, offering a self-guided tour, are available at participating venues or online at Use it any time to help navigate through the venues which are open to the public most days. 

For more information about the Telluride art galleries and exhibition venues, visit: View more Telluride Arts District upcoming events here:

Go here for more about Slate Gray’s current show, “Sky High.”

Go here for more about the work at Telluride Arts HQ.

Go here for more about Art Walk in general.

Venues Hosting Art Walk Receptions:  

Ah Haa School for the Arts
BELLA Fine Goods
Between the Covers / Bruno
Communion Wine Bar
Crossbow Leather
Elinoff & Co.
La Cocina de Luz
Mixx Projects + Atelier
Red Dirt Studio Gallery
Rinkevich Gallery
Rustler Supply
Slate Gray Gallery
Tellurado Studio
Telluride Arts HQ Gallery
Wilkinson Public Library
WOOF! Telluride

Ah Haa School for the Arts:

December-January, Ah Haa is featuring Wearable Art!

Wearable Art includes all forms of artwork that adorns the body: jewelry created with silver gold and alternative materials; sculptural collar pieces; hair accessories; hats; up-cycled clothing; hand-dyed silks; one-of-a-kind aprons; painted sneakers; pom-pom earrings; and so much more!

All works are for sale.

Featured artists: Amy Jean Boeble, Amy Schilling, Angela Dye, Nancy Craft, Kathy Green, Matthesius & Barendse, Lisa Issenberg, Kristin Lora, Frontera Designs by Chayse Romero, Flair Robinson, Fran Windsor, Joanie Schwarz, Kathleen Morgan, Melissa Sumpter, Metal Rock Designs by Tony Finnochio, Tracey Belt.


Atelier is artist Joanie Schwarz’s working studio and gallery space at 215 E Colorado Ave.

Schwarz’s artwork ranges from delicate 14k handmade gold jewelry to dreamscape-merged photography of old world Telluride.

All of Schwarz’s work questions what connecting means in a world where our sense of home seems to be a given in defining who we are.

BELLA Fine Goods:

Bella Fine Goods is featuring contemporary abstract artists: Jarier Lopez Barbosa and Susan Eddings Perez.


Dedicated to free expression of his ideas, Barbosa’s paintings feature singularly glossy surfaces that draw us in, urging us to focus on the roiling, dynamic compositions which seem to spill out over the edges of the canvas.

Barbosa has perfected a beautiful, mixed-media-on-canvas technique that is best viewed as an outgrowth of glazing. The images project a lucidity that deploys color in large fields, while incorporating texture and form. The end result is a tip of the hat to Color Field painting and Abstract Expressionism.

Susan Eddings Perez is an award-winning interior designer and artist. Her work can be found internationally in corporate installations as well as private residential collections. As an interior designer, Perez recognizes the impact large-scale art can have on a space and is passionate about working with clients to create custom pieces.

While each piece is signed and titled on the back, a subtle plaster square is incorporated into Perez’ art and serves as her signature. Perez creates her work by combining plaster, acrylics, ink, and her signature metallic leaf to a board.

Between the Covers/Bruno Cafe:

Between the Covers has been a haven for book-lovers and a community hub since 1974. Visit the new store and Bruno Café. While there, enjoy photographic works of art by Lara Porzak.

Lara Porzak is an American fine-art photographer living and working in Los Angeles, who works exclusively with analog methods.

Fresh Style Magazine, wrote:

“Lara commits herself to the particular photographic aesthetic you cannot preview on the back of a digital camera. Using old techniques—from the Leonardo pin-hole camera to the century-old daguerreotype to the 1960s Diana – she captures raw emotions, even spiritual sensibilities in grainy shades of gray.”

Porzak has exhibited in prestigious galleries across the United States and Europe. Her photographs are notably included in the J. Paul Getty Museum collection.

Communion Wine Bar:

Communion Wine Bar is featuring artwork by local photographer Orion Willits.

Willits’ work ties the space together with photography of the mountains of Telluride, as well as more remote, yet just as beautiful, far-off places.

Communion is a modern wine bar focusing on small production, lesser-known varietals, and exceptionally produced wines.

Communion invites you to enjoy the work – and a glass of wine.

Crossbow Leather:

Crossbow Leather is featuring custom leather products by Macy Pryor.

Pryor applies her passion for sculpture and eye for structural design to crafting custom leather bags and accessories.

Crossbow Leather offers a truly unique experience of retail in the front and a workshop in the back. With the production happening in the shop, experience the craft first hand, see products come to life, and meet the people hand-crafting each item.

Elinoff & Co.:

Elinoff & Co. is featuring the art of Eugenio.

Simply known as Eugenio, he is one of the most promising Peruvian artists working today.

Sprawling cities might seem boisterous to some, but for Eugenio a bustling city is a source of inspiration. Through a command of light and movement, Eugenio takes the ordinary trappings of urban settings—cityscapes depicting crowds of people shuffling through a brightly-lit street—and transforms the scene into something grander.

La Cocina de Luz:

La Cocina de Luz is featuring works by Jen Rose, a local watercolor artist who draws her inspiration from the Telluride region’s spectacular Southwest landscapes.

Rose loves to snap photos of our forests, valleys, and deserts while trail running and hiking with her family, then return home to her studio and collage these images into a painting that represents her journey through the region’s magical landscapes.

Rose’s roots are in batik-making, visible in her unique style which leaves white lines between the colors in her paintings.

Though she has been watercoloring since 2000, Rose is constantly pursuing the challenge of painting new natural wonders.

MiXX Projects + Atelier:

This January, MiXX atelier’s show “Blue Hourfeatures work from artists Dave McClinton, Katie Heffelfinger, and Sheila Giolitti.

Dave McClinton’s digital collages are a surprising take on the medium, overlaying color, texture, and text on top of photos of crumpled paper delicately arranged to form abstract mountainscapes that retain an unexpected realistic imagery.

Katie Heffelfinger and Sheila Giolitti meanwhile work in mixed-media in pure abstraction.

Heffelfinger’s ethereal watercolors feature her signature shades of blue in a soft amalgamation of circular forms, dusted with a sheen of mica from her handmade pigments.

Giolitti’s layered resin mixed-media works bring a meditative energy with her endlessly twining brush and pen strokes, combining color, line, and depth to create complex abstractions.

Together, the three artists’ work conjures the cool blue quiet that filters the air after the sun sets.

Mountain Gate Teahouse and Art Gallery:

Mountain Gate Gallery is honored to host local artist Jade Rose.

Jade Rose is showing three monumental paintings of staggering beauty in works that pay tribute to Turner’s large-scale oceanic pieces, Twombly’s passionate flowers, and Monet’s famous water lilies. The thick and tumultuous paint strokes are balanced by swaths of ink poured directly on the canvas.

A painter worthy of note, Rose’s work will not fail to engage and impress.

Red Dirt Studio Gallery:

Red Dirt Studio Gallery is featuring paintings from Eunika Rogers, a local painter who works in found clay, wine and pigments collected on her hikes in San Juan Mountains and Telluride.

With her earthy palette Rogers creates large, realistic paintings of Colorado landscapes using the materials with which they were formed.

Rinkevich Gallery

The Rinkevich Gallery is featuring the abstract painting of long-time local Margaret Rinkevich.

It’ll Come Back

The Rinkevich Gallery is one of Mountain Village’s premier art galleries. The venue also presents a unique selection of traditional, tribal sculpture and small works on paper, plus jewelry, and scarves.

Rustler Supply:

Rustler Supply is a modern western boutique featuring vintage native jewelry, accessories, and clothing.

This January, the venue is featuring Madison Ludlow, owner of The Ludlow Shop which focuses on thoughtfully curated collections of vintage clothing and handmade, one-of-a-kind garments.

Ludlow’s curation is grounded in American vintage pre-1960s, with a dash of antique European classics.

Rustler Supply currently carries Ludlow’s handmade blanket coats made out of vintage wool blankets and featuring shearling collars.

Slate Gray:

This January 5th-30th, Slate Gray presents, “Sky High,” a group show featuring works by Mark Bowles, Jill Holland, Gordon Brown, Maggie Taylor, Jerry Uelsmann, and Marketa Sivek.


Slate Gray’s featured image this month is “Moonlight” by Marketa Sivek, oil on canvas, 36×36”.

Also, see Slate Gray artist Fran J Nagy’s San Sophia Tribe on the cover of this season’s Gallery Guide.

Tellurado Studio:

The Tellurado Studio is featuring the adventurous fine art of Markus Pierson.

Pierson explores a mythic narrative in his Coyote series, each piece symbolic of wanderlust and living beyond boundaries.

The protagonists of these hand-embellished prints are the coyotes: enigmatic figures searching for the next big adventure.

Telluride Arts HQ Gallery:

Telluride Arts is featuring “Apres Ski,” an exhibition featuring the work of Shannon Foley Henn.

Shannon has led an eclectic life which includes organizing safaris, running a boutique hotel and starting up the world’s leading rock and roll cancer foundation. She has organized adventure concerts on Everest base camp, Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu and Mount Fuji.

In 2016, Shannon returned from a year in East Africa supporting a pediatric cancer center and moved to Winter Park, CO.

Shannon has found a way to unite her life experiences into pop art pieces made from acrylic on canvas. Her most recent series, “Apres Ski,” is a culmination of her years working with musicians in the rock and roll industry and her current home in the ski town of Winter Park, Colorado.

Shannon loves infusing a bit of rock and roll energy into the ski community through her recent work.

Shop the collection here.

Wilkinson Public Library:

Telluride Arts is presenting a Wilkinson Public Library exhibition titled “Seasons,” works by local artist Gregory Deame.

Deame grew up in Massachusetts, but has lived in Telluride for over 20 years. His first art class was taught by his sister in his parents’ basement. Afterward, Deame learned to illustrate using technical pens while also studying landscape architecture at the University of Massachusetts.

After moving to Colorado, Deame began to expand the way he would render landscapes, now using ink, watercolors, and acrylic paint.

WOOF! Telluride

Home of Gondogola, WOOF! Telluride (formerly Kamruz Gallery) is now located at 307 E Colorado Ave.

WOOF! Telluride features photography by Mary Kenez and local painters who capture the spirit of Telluride and Southwest Colorado. The gallery hosts unique and humorous creations that represent the ever-so-active, hippy-happy and sometimes a bit quirky Telluride lifestyle.

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