Poets’ Corner: Feela with Words of Wisdom for the New Year!

Poets’ Corner: Feela with Words of Wisdom for the New Year!

You’ve made a little list and checked it twice. No, not that list. Christmas is over. Your New Year’s Eve resolutions. The top 10 usually include losing weight, eating more healthily, exercising more, stopping smoking, sticking to a budget, saving money, getting more organized, being more patient, finding a better job and just being a better person over all. But in general, a New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.

Resolutions aside, it is time for one of our favorite writer-poets and regular contributor to Telluride Inside… and Out, David Feela, to trick himself out in one of his many personae, The Oracle on Delta, and weigh in with New Year’s wisdom.

New Year Wisdom (or) The Oracle on Delta

“Little does one know how little one does know” is what I said to a college professor who sat beside me on the plane bound for Athens, Georgia. I thought my aphorism contained an element of pure philosophy held together by a whimsical phrasing, like a splash of 24 year old scotch in a Disneyland tumbler.

“Yeah, I suppose” was his total acknowledgment before the seatbelt light turned off and he abruptly stood up. I wanted to say, Gotta go when the going is good but he was already gone.

Waiting for his return, I thought about some bits of wisdom I’d gleaned from life and made a few notes on the back of the flight magazine.

A stitch in time interferes with black holes.

One bad apple is enough to put a person off apples permanently.

Leaving no stone unturned exposes a lot of bugs.

I’d have written more but a woman with a sleeping infant in her arms suddenly sat down in the seat beside me.

“I’m sorry, this seat belongs to a college professor who went to use the bathroom. He’ll be back shortly.”

“No he won’t, he traded seats with me.”

She leaned into the aisle and waved toward the back of the plane.

“My name’s Daphne. This is little Laurel. What’s your name?”


“Oh, that’s a pretty name. I also wanted a pony when I was little.”

The seatbelt light flashed again.

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