SM County: East End Master Plan!

San Miguel County puts out the word: East End Master Plan process kicks off!

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San Miguel County is embarking on the development of a new Master Plan for the eastern end of the county. Design Workshop will be assisting with the preparation of the Plan.

The Master Plan update provides a critical opportunity for the community, organizations, and local jurisdictions to work together to create a comprehensive, forward-thinking vision for the region. This Master Plan will replace the current Telluride Regional Area Master Plan, which is well over 30 years old. To help guide the preparation of the Plan, an Advisory Group of citizens, elected and appointed officials, and County staff has been formed.

The first phase of the planning effort is information gathering. In the coming weeks, the County will be meeting with technical advisors and stakeholders to compile information about existing conditions and future needs and issues. That will help prepare for the second step, which is to gather input from the public. A number of community meetings will occur in the winter. The final phase is presentation of the draft Plan to the public, with final adoption by the County Planning Commission in the early summer.

The goal is to involve a diverse cross-section of the citizens and leaders of the County so that the Master Plan will represent San Miguel County today and into the future. The upcoming Focus Group meetings will include Housing Considerations; Mobility & Transportation; Equity, Inclusion & Livability; Environmental Stewardship & Priorities; and Tourism, Recreation, Visitors.

Pursuant to Colorado Statute, it is the responsibility of the County Planning Commission to prepare and adopt the Plan. County Planning Commission chairperson Lee Taylor said:

“We’re glad that the preparatory groundwork is over and the Planning Commission can now launch its formal process of updating the East End Master Plan. We face several challenging questions and competing priorities, but our goal of expressing a vision for the near future of the County’s East End is well within the reach of our collaborative efforts. We have a whole community of articulate and passionate neighbors to work with, and we all share one primary attribute: we love this place, and we want what’s best for it.

“We also have the benefit of a well-rounded and broadly-based Advisory Group to keep things on track, and we’re excited to see the voluntary focus groups start up their meetings. We’re especially pleased to be teaming up with Design Workshop to capture, assess, and incorporate the robust community input that we anticipate. Their local work for the Town of Telluride will be a valuable bonus to their substantial experience in supporting thoughtful community planning.”

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