Poets' Corner: Rosemerry For Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season. But given a divided nation and a war in Ukraine, times they a tryin’ – even without your parents breaking out the photos from your awkward years, even minus the inevitable food coma – or the sadness associated with those who are no longer at your table.

“I wrote this poem three days after my father died, and just three months after Finn had died, explained Word Woman Rosemerry Trommer. “I remember stepping outside just before the beautiful meal that we had prepared with my step-daughter and her in-laws … so much love, so much generosity. So much sadness.. And I remember this moment so well. So well. Later that night, I dropped a bowl on the kitchen floor and it shattered into thousands of tiny pieces. I swear it happened in slow motion and I was powerless to stop it. I remember that, too, though it was the sky that got the poem.”

As follows…

What the Sky Knows

Before the feast,
I slip outside
into the rose glow
of evening and
talk to my loves
who no longer
walk this earth,
and I thank them
for being in my life
and I cry and cry.
How is it possible
at the same time
to hold so much grief
and so much gratefulness?
And the sky holds me
and the rooftops, the
streets and the fields,
the factories and forests,
it holds it all, holds
what is most beautiful,
holds what is most foul.
It doesn’t try to change
anything. Like that,
it seems to say
as it turns a deeper
rose. Like that.

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